In this grade the work is altogether on garment fabrics; the knot is introduced, and the first garment of the course is drafted and cut. Up to this time the models have been small, and the necessity for a perfectly clean apron, used exclusively for sewing, has not been so great as it is now that the models are larger and more easily soiled. The apron, which is the third model of the grade, is a little work apron, which will be found a serviceable little garment, simple, and easy to cut and make, and one which can be utilized at every lesson.

If it be deemed desirable, the first model of this grade may be made the last of the preceding. This should not be done unless the work of the third grade has been so well done that more practice is superfluous, and there is still time for which no work is provided.

The pupil will be sufficiently advanced when the models of this grade are finished to work on silk, and so a simple but quaint little fancy bag of that material has been added to the models. This bag is not in the regular course of work, but is intended for those who complete the work of this grade in time to finish the bag before the close of the school year.