Cut two thirty-six-inch lengths of flannel which is thirty-six inches wide, and seam the two together. Turn a two-inch hem on the two sides and across the bottom, and catch-stitch on the right side. The waist of this little open skirt, which is like the other waists of the system, with only this difference, that two inches are added to the front length instead of two and one-half, is drafted from the following measurements : Bust measure twenty-four inches, waist measure twenty-four inches, front length six inches, side length four inches, shoulder two and one-half inches. In drafting this little waist, an extra help line is drawn one inch below line C to make a straight shoulder. As the front and back are very similar, they are not drafted separately.

For the front, lay the pattern on the doubled goods, pin and cut, allowing one-half an inch for seams at the sides and shoulders, and one and one-third inches for the hem, and closing at the right of the pattern. The back is cut in the same way, allowing one-half an inch for seams at the sides and shoulders, but leaving an opening. The armholes and neck are cut out a little more in the front than in the back. An inch is cut out around the neck, and it, together with the armholes, is finished with a half-inch bias binding of the goods ; the side and shoulder seams are finished with a French fell. The pinning blanket is plaited to fit the twenty-four-inch waist measure of this under-waist, and is joined to it, the seam being finished with a piece of bias cambric. The buttonholes of this waist are two inches apart.