The material of which this shirt is made is fine linen. The measures used are twenty-four inches for the bust measure; eight inches for the front length, with two inches added for the neck; six inches for the side length; two and one-half inches for the shoulder. The shoulder is measured from the point where the lines C and D intersect, and from this point draw a curved line to the intersection of lines B and F. A slight curve is drawn along line D to one inch below F. This forms the armhole. To the right of line A, add one-half an inch, and from this point to a point a little below line F draw a slightly curved line for the under-arm seam. The pattern should be so placed that both the front and the shoulder are on a doubled fold of the goods. This is accomplished by doubling the goods across the width for the shoulders, and lengthwise for the front, making the goods of four thicknesses. Through the lace trimming about the neck, a ribbon is run, and this is drawn up and tied.

Infant's Shirt

Infant's Shirt.