Materials: Striped calico 1 yard warp, by 6 1/2 inches woof.

Begin machine practice by drawing lines on paper and stitching to these lines without thread in the needle.

The object of this piece is to teach the use of the sewing machine before beginning a garment. Insist that pupils practice at home. At the teacher's discretion they may also do the straight stitching on the machine practice piece at home, a yard or two each day, bringing it for the teacher's inspection daily. There are five problems on this piece:

(a) Straight Stitching.

Begin one inch from the end of each stripe and stop short of the end one inch. Stitch also between stripes once, twice or as many times as the teacher thinks necessary for perfecting the pupils' stitching.

(b) Tying Threads.

Draw the ends of the thread through to the wrong side, tie and clip.

(c) French Seam. See page 91.

Cut the long piece into three equal pieces across the short way. Sew two pieces together lengthwise with the French seam by the following steps:

1, Baste; 2, Stitch first seam one-eighth of an inch; 3, Trim; 4, Crease in seam and fold; 5, Baste through the four thicknesses; 6, Stitch second seam not to exceed one-fourth of an inch; narrower is better.

(d) French Fell. See page 91.

Join the third piece to the above with the French fell.

(e) Stitching Straight on the Edge of a Hem.

Turn an inch hem at one side, with the seams, baste and stitch just along the edge. Turn a quarter-inch hem on the opposite side, and stitch.