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Idabelle McGlauflin :

Art In Dress - Bolmar and McNutt

A textbook for high and normal school students of domestic art. It is a clear and direct treatment of the fundamental principles of art applied to dress, millinery and home decoration. It aims to establish these principles and make it possible to build upon them the more elaborate problems without confusion to the worker. It strives to get away from the crude, the loud and inharmonious and seeks for harmony in our daily life. A valuable aid in establishing guiding principles in dress. Price, 50 cents.

Food Preparation - Josserand

A combined text, laboratory guide and note-book for high school classes in domestic science. The text matter is ample for ordinary conditions; the experiments outlined, the questions asked, the organization, arrangement, and the selection of matter combine to make a scientific treatment handled in a thoroughly practical, classroom form. It saves time and energy for both student and teacher, and enables the student to proceed with the daily work without blackboard or dictation work. In two parts, I for elementary classes, II for advanced classes. Price, Part I, $1.25; Part II, $1.25.

"Books on the Manual Arts," a bibliography describing over 400 titles on the manual arts, household arts and kindred subjects is mailed free on request.

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