This exercise is a correlation between the sewing and the art work of the class and is intended as a foundation for the lessons in home decoration and the s,tudy of costume later in the course.

A Note Book

Make the book by tying together sheets of ruled paper for the text, and sheets of drawing paper for the color charts, etc. The cover is designed and colored as the individual taste dictates, and forms one of the problems of this exercise.

Analysis of color - color chart.

a. Primary Colors.

b. Secondary Colors.

c. Shades - color with gray or black.

d. Tints - color with white. Mixing of colors.

a. How is orange obtained? How is green obtained ? How is brown obtained?

b. Mix tints of blue. Mix tints of green. Mix tints of orange.

c. Mix shades of yellow. Mix shades of brown. Mix shades of red.


1. What are the neutrals in color?

2. What do you understand by harmony in color?

3. What are contrasts in color? Give an example in nature.

4. What is it to be color blind?. What is it to have color sense?

5. What do you mean when you say a person has a refined taste in color?

6. What is your favorite color? Why? Would you like a whole dress of this color?

7. Can you imagine the world without color, no blue in the sky or water; no green in the trees or grass; no brown in the soil; no bright flowers, no sunsets, just white or black or gray?

8. How did the early tribes of Indians secure color for their blankets?

9. Where do we get our dye stuff's? Of what are they made?

10. Compare mineral and vegetable dyes.

11. Analyze the greens in cabbages, melons, peppers, and cucumbers.

12. What have you'noticed in nature's blend of color in an apple?

13. What would you think if you saw a red apple with a blue stripe around it?

14. Would you rather wear a blue sash with a red dress or go without a sash? If you have no hair ribbon the color of your dress what color can you wear best with a blue dress? A brown dress? A green dress? A pink dress?

15. What is the difference between a blue-green and a green blue? Do blue-greens and yellow-greens combine well?

16. What nationalities love bright colors? Can you account for this?

17. What do you know of the colors used in°the rugs made in the far eastern countries ?

18. Have you ever noticed the variety of colors in a boquet of nasturtiums, ranging throughout all the shades and tints from deepest red to palest yellow? What kind of a vase is best for such a boquet? Tell how to arrange artistically pansies, roses, columbines, etc.

19. What is the cause of the color in the rainbow?

20. To colors are ascribed certain characteristics and qualities. For example, red suggests fire, warmth and blood, and also creates irritation and arouses passion. What are the characteristics of blue? of curdle? of green? of orange?