Materials: Blue Percale 9" woof by 4" warp; red percale for practice piece 18" woof 4" warp; white thread No. 40 and No. 70; needle No. 7.

Remember the old adage Practice Makes Perfect.

See description of the Buttonhole, page 66.

Note: As the buttonhole requires a great deal of practice it is well to keep practice pieces in the sewing box and work at it at odd times during the progress of the year's work. Encourage the girls, too, to practice on the buttonhole for home work. In this way they will gradually acquire the skill which comes only with practice. Fold the cloth, with the woof and through the center, and baste the edges together. Begin with the blind buttonhole.

The buttonhole model is intended to show how much skill has been acquired. Fold the percale through the center, with the woof, and baste the edges together. Make the buttonholes three-fourths of an inch long and one inch apart.