The study of costume should be given in nine or ten lessons scattered throughout the term and correlated with the sewing lessons.

1. Read the chapter on "Costume," page 105, one section each day and discuss freely the statements made there.

2. Review briefly the work on color under Exercise No. 34.

3. Each pupil will design, in color, three costumes for young girls for a page in a fashion book. Select from fashion books three figures suitable for this purpose and cut them out. Before arranging and pasting on a sheet of drawing paper make an outline of each dress by drawing around the figure. With this as a guide design simple dresses with good artistic lines. Color with water colors appropriate for the style of the dress.

4. What are the marked characteristics of dress in the following nations: Japanese? Turks? Norwegians? Spanish? American Indians? Dutch?

A Page For A Fashion Book Arranged By A Seventh Grade Girl.

A Page For A Fashion Book Arranged By A Seventh Grade Girl.

5. The accessories of dress are those things which added make the costume complete, such as gloves, shoes, ties, hair ribbons, hats, etc. Write five rules which you think should govern the choice and care of the accessories.

6. Each pupil will prepare herself to talk two minutes on "Suitable Styles of Hairdressing for Young Girls."

7. Give a written test on the subject of costume.