Sewing box or envelope case.

Pin cushion - 30 pins.




Thread cards.

Practice Piece - Unbleached muslin 12"x9".

Use No. 80 thread for machine work.

Order Of Exercises

Prepare Thread Cards - Cardboard 4"x4", designed and cut for four kinds of thread.

Exercise No. 41 - A Trial Piece for Finishing the Bottom of a Pair of Drawers.

Exercise No. 42 - Drawers or Bloomers.*

Exercise No. 43 - Christmas Piece.+

Exercise No. 44 - A Study of Home Furnishing, Decoration and Care.

Exercise No. 45 - Twist Buttonholes.

Exercise No. 46 - Cloth Darning.

Exercise No. 47 - A Study of Costume Design.

Exercise No. 48 - A Nightgown, Bungalow Apron or a Simple Wash Dress.

Exercise No. 49 - Eyelet Embroidery - A Napkin Ring.

Exercise No. 50 - Textile Fibers and Fabrics - Wool.

See Electives, page 63.

Detailed Description Of Exercises. Review Divisions Of The Foot And Yard Measure