The exercises in this five-year course are based upon an estimated time of one hour per week in the first two years, and one and one-half hours in the last three, the school year consisting of thirty-eight weeks.

Every exercise in handicraft should train the judgment, the eye or the memory and tend to develop skill, patience, accuracy, perseverance, dexterity or artistic appreciation.

Experience has taught that the bringing of materials for the use of sewing classes from the various homes of the rich and the poor, the thrifty and the shiftless, the clean and the untidy has resulted unsatisfactorily. The success of any sewing course depends largely upon the use of proper and uniform materials. In most cities all materials, with the exception of those used for the full-sized garments, will be furnished by the board of education. School boards or teachers, so desiring, can obtain complete sets of materials for this course from the author. (See advertisement at the end of the book.)