Child s Bath Or Bedroom Slippers 18Child s Bath Or Bedroom Slippers 19

Length of sole, five and one-half inches. It is well to have the soles before beginning to sew. They can be secured at any store.

Each slipper requires two and one-half yards of round web. Start at the back of the heel (A, of illustration), and make the first two rows three inches high, then gradually shorten the next three rows, and keep each row this height until the instep is finished. The first row on the vamp (B, of illustration) is made one inch higher than the side. Each row is then gradually shortened, the last row being three-fourths of an inch high (C, of illustration). This will complete one-half of the slipper.

The other half is made in just the reverse way by continuing the sewing from the toe (C, of illustration) back to the heel, taking care that each row is exactly the same height as the corresponding row on the opposite side.

Join the back of the heel and sew to the soles before closing the vamp in front. Sew vamp up the center by catching corresponding loops together. Make cord and tassel to go around the top, as in illustration of finished slippers.