Small Mittens 20

Sixty inches of flat web will be required for each mitten. Cut off eight pieces six inches long. In cutting, clip just one stitch and run the ends across, and sew them into a cylindrical form. Draw in the top with a needle and a piece of the material and fasten securely. Leave an opening on one side for the thumb.

The thumb is made of three pieces sewed together. The longest piece is three inches and the others each two and three-fourths inches long. In sewing it into the mitten, have the longest piece come down toward the wrist. Gradually form and sew it in place. Draw in the top and fasten securely.


This is made of round web, knitted the desired length. The length will vary a little according to size of the child, but four and one-half feet is a good length. The mittens are fastened to the ends of the cord.