New York City, Dec. 16, 1901. I herein send you photographs and description of a motor-cycle which I built and which has been in use for over a year. I have ridden the same over two thousand miles. The photograph shows an Iver Johnson wheel equipped with a P-T motor driving the rear wheel by a friction wheel or roller; also a P-T automatic gasifier, muffler, plug, etc. I use a spark coil and a set of four dry batteries. The tank Over the motor holds about two quarts of gasolene, which is sufficient for a run of sixty miles under favorable conditions. The castings were obtained from the P-T Motor Company of New York City. While my method of driving may be called crude, and is open to criticism, I used the same to secure a simple flexible drive without any alteration to the wheel. The friction wheel is pivoted on the clamp that holds the motor on the rear stays, and it is held against the rear tire by a helical spring, the other end of which is fastened to a clamp around the bottom bracket. A lever serves to bring it against, or to draw it away from, the tire at the will of the operator. The friction wheel has a little lateral play to permit a good bearing, even if the tire of the wheel is not true. A flanged pulley driven by a 1" belt connects it to the motor pulley. The motor is controlled by a single lever, which holds the exhaust valve open and shifts the spark. The motor can be started in two ways: either by pedaling, and then dropping the friction wheel, or with a crank on the motor pulley, as all gasolene automobiles are started. In crowded city streets I can pedal slowly, the motor running idly, and then drop the friction wheel when I see my way clear. I can climb a six-per-cent grade without any slip of the friction wheel, and the speed is from twelve to fifteen miles per hour on a level road. The above outfit has given me excellent satisfaction, and I use the same every day when the weather will permit.

An Amateur s Motor Bicycle 82

Hoping that the brief description will be of service to your many readers, I will close.

Yours respectfully,

A. Patdevin.