To produce a black color on brass, the following is the formula: Dissolve 1 pound of plastic carbonate of copper in 2 gallons of strong ammonia; first boil the brass that is to be blackened in a strong potash solution to remove all grease and oil; rinse well and dip in the copper and ammonia solution, which should be heated to 150 to 175° F., until the desired degree of blackness is acquired. The color produced is very uniform and has little tendency to peel off. The process works best on brass containing much copper, or on what is known as " red " brass. Directions are also given for making the plastic carbonate of copper as follows: Blue vitriol (sulphate of copper) is dissolved in hot water, and a strong solution of common washing soda is added to it so long as any precipitate forms. The precipitate is allowed to settle and the clear liquid is poured off. Hot water is now added and the mass stirred and again allowed to settle. Again the clear water is poured off and the operation of adding hot water, settling and pouring off is repeated until everything has been washed out of the green carbonate of copper which remains at the bottom of the vessel. This is the plastic carbonate of copper referred to.