The waters of the Dead Sea contain from 20 to 26 per cent of solid matter in 1000 parts. This includes 7 to 10 per cent of common salt, as much more of mag-nesian salts and 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 per cent of calcium carbonate and sulphate, also some bromides and alumina.

It is a curious fact that up to 1856 there was no limit on the cent as a legal tender. One might offer ten thousand cents in payment of a debt of one hundred dollars. Since then, however, the cent has been legal tender only up to twenty-five cents.

To clean varnished paint work make up a solution by boiling spent tea leaves in water, and apply this hot with a soft piece of flannel, always rubbing one way. Rub dry with a soft cloth or with clean white waste.

Science And Industry 2 116

That it is an admirable tool is shown by the enormous sale in the short time it has been upon the market, 500 dozen being sold in the first ten days. It is manufactured by "North Bros. M'fg. Co., Philadelphia, Pa., who make the popular "Yankee" tools of a similar character.

The attention of readers is called to the advertisements of White, Van Glahn & Co., 5 Chatham Square, New York City, well known hardware dealers, who make a specialty of mail order trade. Located, as they are, in the center of the hardware district of that city, they possess exceptional facilities for filling orders promptly and at lowest market prices. Unlike some mail order houses, they handle goods of the best quality, and anyone purchasing through them may have the fullest confidence that orders will be filled in an entirely satisfactory manner.

The Carpenter foot power motors should receive the attention of mechanics who desire an easy working, powerful drive for small machinery. It possesses a decided advantage over other foot motors in the speed at which it may be run, making it adaptable for many uses not hitherto possible for foot power. Polishers and grinders, small lathes, etc., but indicate a few of the uses to which it may be put. It is substantially made, and sold at a most reasonable price by tho Carpenter M'fg. Co., 30 Oliver Street, Boston, Mass.

In cutting rubber for gaskets, etc., have a dish of water handy and keep wetting the blade of the knife. It makes the work much easier.

Steel corrodes more readily than common bar or sheet iron under similar conditions, probably due to the finely intermingled atoms of carbon present in the steel.

Gold powder or bronze, is made by grinding gold leaf in a mortar with honey, extracting the honey with hot water and drying the powder. It is used in illumination and miniature painting.

An interesting example of the use of electricity in an emergency occurred recently in Philadelphia. At the Mint a well is being bored which has reached a depth of some 540 feet. A few weeks ago one side of the jar rein of the drill, 18 in. long and weighing 19 pounds, broke off and wedged crosswise in the hole at the bottom. The contractor doing the work fished for ten days trying to recover the broken piece without result. The problem was solved by the construction of an improvised electro-magnet consisting of a piece of steel 5 in. in diameter, on one end of which was wound a coil protected by copper sheathing. Long leads were attached and the apparatus was lowered down the boring. According to the "Electrical Review" of New York, the current, 1 3/4 amperes at 220 volts, was then turned on, and the magnet was pulled up, bringing with it the broken tool and all the metal particles that were in the well from the boring.