Fishing through the ice is great sport, but cutting the first holes preparatory to setting the lines is not always an easy task. The ice chisel here described will be found very handy, and may be made at very slight expense.

In the top of an old ax-head drill a 9/16-in. hole, and then tap it for a 3/8-in. gas-pipe, about 18 in. long. Thread the other end of the pipe, and screw on an old snow-shovel handle. When ready for use, screw the two pieces together and you have your chisel complete. Combination Ax and Ice Chisel

Illustration: Combination Ax and Ice Chisel

A short ax-handle may be included in the outfit. When the holes are finished and your lines set, unscrew the pipe from the head of the ax, put in the handle, and your ax is ready to cut the wood to keep your fire going. --Contributed by C. J. Rand, West Somerville, Mass.