It would seem that the number of useful articles that can be made from pipes and fittings is unlimited. The sketch shows two more that may be added to the list. A and B are front and side views of a lamp-screen, and C is a dumbbell. The lamp is particularly useful for shading the eyes when reading or writing and, if enameled white on the concave side, makes an excellent reflector for drawing at night, or for microscopic work.

The standard and base, consisting of an ordinary pipe flange bushed down to receive the upright nipple, are enameled a jet black, and if the device is to be used on a polished table, a piece of felt should be glued to the bottom. A good way to hold the fan in the nipple is to use a small wedge.

The dumbbells are made of short pieces of 3/4-in. pipe with 1-2-in. couplings fastened to each end by pouring melted lead in the space between the pipes and the couplings. The appearance is greatly improved by enameling black, and if desired the handles may be covered with leather. --Contributed by C. E. Warren, M. D., North Easton, Mass.

Lamp Shade and Dumbbell

Lamp and Dumbbell