One of the most convenient adjuncts to an amateur's workbench is a cabinet of some sort in which to keep nails, rivets, screws, etc., instead of leaving scattered all about the bench. A very easily made cabinet for this purpose is shown in the accompanying illustration. The case may be made of 1/2-in. white pine or white wood of a suitable size to hold the required number of drawers which slide on strips of the same material, cut and dressed 1/2 in. square. The drawers are made of empty cigar boxes of uniform size, which, if one is not a smoker, may be readily obtained from any cigar dealer, as they are usually thrown away when empty.

Small knobs may be added if desired, but these are not necessary, as the spaces shown between the drawers give ample room to grasp with the fingers. Labels of some kind are needed, and one of the neatest things for this purpose is the embossed aluminum label, such as is stamped by the well known penny-in-the-slot machines to be found in many railroad stations and amusement places. --Contributed by Frederick E. Ward, Ampere, N. Y.