A toy volcano that will send forth flames and ashes with lava streaming down its sides in real volcanic action can be made by any boy without any more danger than firing an ordinary fire-cracker. A mound of sand or earth is built up about 1 ft. high in the shape of a volcano. Roll up a piece of heavy paper, making a tube 5 in. long and 1-1/2 in. in diameter. This tube of paper is placed in the top of the mound by first setting it upon a flat sheet of paper and building up the sand or earth about the sides until it is all covered excepting the top opening. This is to keep all dampness away from the mixture to be placed within. Volcano in Action

Illustration: Volcano in Action

A fuse from a fire-cracker, or one made by winding some powder in tissue paper, is placed in the paper tube of the volcano with one end extending over the edge. Get some potash from a drug store and be sure to state the purpose for which it is wanted, as there are numerous kinds of potash that will not be suitable. An equal amount of sugar is mixed with the potash and placed in the paper tube. On top of this put a layer of pure potash and on this pour some gun powder. This completes the volcano and it only remains for the fuse to be lighted and action will begin with an explosion which sends fire, smoke and sparks upward. Flames will follow and the lava pours down the sides of the mound.