This device consists of a battery and bell connection to an alarm clock which also acts as a door bell, the whole being mounted on a board 18 in. long and 12 in. wide.

Referring to the sketch accompanying this article, the letters indicate as follows: A, bell; B, battery ; C, switch; D, V-shaped copper strip; E, copper lever with 1-in. flange turned on one side, whole length, 4 in.; F, spring to throw lever E down in V-shaped piece to make connection; G, lever to hold out E when device is used as a door bell; lines H, go, one from bell, A, and one from battery, B, to the door; I, shelf for clock.

See that the ring in the alarm key of the clock works easily, so that when it is square across the clock it will drop down. Fasten a piece of copper about 1 in. long to key, then wind the alarm just enough so that the key stands straight up and down. Place the clock on the shelf and the key under the flange of lever E. Pull lever G down out of the way and close the lever on the switch. The alarm key will turn and drop down, letting lever E drop into the V-shaped piece D and make connection.

Combined Door Bell And Electric Alarm 218

For the door-bell connection close lever on switch C, and put G up so that D and E do not come in contact. If anyone is ill and you do not want the bell to ring, open switch C.

The wiring for this device may all be on the back of the board. The switch and levers are fastened with small screw bolts, which allows wiring at the back. Saw two spools in half and fasten the halves to the four corners of the board at the back, and the apparatus may be put up where one likes.