If you have a 5- by 7-in. camera and wish to use some 4- by 5-in. plates, make a few simple kits to hold the smaller plates and fit the larger holders, says Camera Craft. Take two pieces of pasteboard, A and B, black surfaced if possible, and exactly 5 by 7 in. in size. The piece A will form the back of the kit and should have an opening cut in the center 4 by 5 in. in size. Paste a piece of strong black paper, C, over the under side of it to keep the plate from falling through. Cut an opening in the other piece, B, but cut it 1/4 in. shorter. This opening, being 1/8 in. shorter at each end, will retain the plate in position and cut off only that small amount of plate surface when the plate is exposed in the camera. Cut a piece of thin black cloth, D, 1 in. wide and 5 in. long. Lay it down on a piece of newspaper and coat one side with gum or mucilage. Stand the two pieces of 5 by 7 in. black cards on end together so that they will be square and true and bind the other ends with the strip of cloth so as to form a hinge. The two cards form a thickness about equal to a thick glass plate, and go in the holder in the same way. Lay one of these kits down against the ground side of the focusing screen and draw a line around, inside of the opening. This will be a guide as to just what will be secured upon the smaller plate when the kits are used.

Home Made Kits For The Camera 292