Secure two magnets from a telephone bell, or a set of magnets wound for 2,000 ohms. Mount on a bar of brass or steel as shown in Fig. 1. Get an empty cocoa can and clean it good to remove all particles of cocoa and punch five holes in the cover, as shown in Fig. 2. The middle hole is to be used to fasten the cover to the brass bar with a bolt. The other four holes are for the wire terminals. A piece of rubber tubing must be placed over the wire terminals before inserting them in the holes. Fill the can with crude oil, or with any kind of oil except kerosene oil, and immerse the magnets in it by fitting the cover on tight (Fig. 3). The connections are made as shown in the diagram, Fig. 5. This device may be used on 110-volt current for electro-plating and small battery lamps, provided the magnets are wound with wire no larger than No. 40. --Contributed by C. M. Rubsan, Muskogee, Okla. Parts of the Transformer

Illustration: Parts of the Transformer