A card-case such as is shown here makes a very appropriate present for any lady. To make it, secure a piece of "ooze" calf skin leather 4-1/2 by 10-1/2 in. The one shown in the accompanying picture was made of a rich tan ooze of light weight and was lined with a grey-green goat skin. The design was stenciled and the open parts backed with a green silk plush having a rather heavy nap. The lining of goat skin need not cover more than the central part-not the flies. A piece 4-1/2 by 5 in. will be sufficient. A piece of plush 1-1/4 by 6 in. will be enough for the two sides.

Begin work by shaping the larger piece of leather as shown in the drawing. Allow a little margin at the top and bottom, however, to permit trimming the edges slightly after the parts have been sewed together. A knife or a pair of scissors will do to cut the leather with, though a special knife, called a chip carving knife, is most satisfactory.

The next thing is to put in the marks for the outline of the designs and the borders. A tool having a point shaped as in the illustration is commonly used. It is called a modeling tool for leather and may be purchased, or, one can be made from an ordinary nut pick by taking off the sharpness with fine emery paper so that it will not cut the leather. To work these outlines, first moisten the leather on the back with as much water as it will take and still not show through on the face side. Place the leather on some level, nonabsorbent surface and with the tool--and a straightedge on the straight lines--indent the leather as shown. The easiest way is to place the paper pattern on the leather and mark on the paper. The indentations will be transferred without the necessity of putting any lines on the leather.

Design for the Cover of Lady's Card Case

Design for the Cover of Lady's Card-Case

With the knife cut out the stencils as shown. Paste the silk plush to the inner side, being careful not to get any of the paste so far out that it will show. A good leather paste will be required.

Complete Card Case

Complete Card Case

Next place the lining, fold the flies along the lines indicated in the drawing. Hold the parts together and stitch on a sewing-machine. An ordinary sewing-machine will do if a good stout needle is used. A silk thread that will match the leather should be used. Keep the ooze side of the lining out so that it will show, rather than the smooth side. With the knife and straightedge trim off the surplus material at the top and bottom and the book is ready for use.