On each end of a block of wood, 1 in. square and 1 in. long, fasten a strip of brass 1/4 by 3 in., bent in the shape as shown in the sketch at A, Fig; 1. These strips should have sufficient bend to allow the points to press tightly together. A piece of beeswax, W, is inserted between the points of the brass strips to keep apart and to form the insulation. A binding post, B, is attached to each brass strip on the ends of the block of wood. The device is fastened to the wall or ceiling, and wire connections made to the batteries and bells as shown in the diagram, Fig. 2. When the room becomes a little overheated the wax will melt and cause the brass strips to spring together, which will form the circuit and make the bell ring. Each room in the house may be connected with one of these devices, and all on one circuit with one bell. Fire Alarm Device

Illustration: Fire Alarm Device