Boys' Home Made Auto

Boys' Home-Made Auto

The accompanying cut shows how a boy may construct his own auto car. The car consists of parts used from a boy's wagon and some old bicycle parts. The propelling device is made by using the hanger, with all its parts, from a bicycle. A part of the bicycle frame is left attached to the hanger and is fastened to the main board of the car by blocks of wood as shown. The chain of a bicycle is used to connect the crank hanger sprocket to a small sprocket fastened in the middle of the rear axle of the car. The front axle is fastened to a square block of wood, which is pivoted to the main board. Ropes are attached to the front axle and to the back part of the main board to be used with the feet in steering the car. To propel the auto, turn the cranks by taking hold of the bicycle pedals. --Contributed' by Anders Neilsen, Oakland, Cal.