A noted French scientist, Bourbouze, was able to keep up communication with the outside during the siege of Paris by making practical application of the earth currents. The distance covered is said to have been about 30 miles. Another scientist was able to telephone through the earth without the aid of wires. Nothing, however, has been made public as to how this was accomplished. Details of Wireless Phone Installation

Illustration: Details of Wireless Phone Installation

It is my object to unveil the mystery and to render this field accessible to others, at least to a certain degree, for I have by no means completed my researches in this particular work.

In order to establish a wireless communication between two points we need first of all a hole or well in the ground at each point. In my experiments I was unable to get a deep well, but the instruments worked fine for a distance of 200 ft., using wells about 25 ft. deep. As in ordinary telephone lines, we require a transmitter and receiver at each point. These must be of the long-distance type. If a hole is dug or a well is found suitable for the purpose, a copper wire is hung in the opening, allowing the end to touch the bottom. To make the proper contact an oval or round-but not pointed -copper plate is attached to the end of the wire. If a well is used, it is necessary to have a waterproof cable for the part running through the water. The top end is attached to the telephone transmitter and receiver, as in the ordinary telephone, to the batteries and to a zinc plate, which is to be buried in the earth a few feet away from the well or hole, and not more than 1 ft. under the surface. A battery of four dry cells is used at each station.

Both stations are connected in the same way, as shown in the sketch. This makes it possible for neighbors to use their wells as a means of communication with each other. --Contributed by A. E. Joerin.