Any boy may be able to make, for himself or friends, a life buoy for emergency use in a rowboat or for learning to swim. Purchase 1-3/4 yd. of 30-in. canvas and cut two circular pieces, 30 in. in diameter, also cutting a round hole in the center of , 14 in. in diameter. These two pieces are sewed together on the outer and inner edges, leaving a space, about 12 in. in length, open on the outer seam. Secure some of the cork used in packing Malaga grapes from a grocery or confectionery store and pack it into the pocket formed between the seams through the hole left in the outer edge. When packed full and tight sew up the remaining space in the seam. Paint the outside surface and the seams well with white paint to make it water-tight. --Contributed by Will Hare, Petrolea, Onto

A Home Made Microscope [433]