Select a stick of sealing wax of the desired color for the foundation of the hat pin. Hold the end of the stick over a flame until the wax is soft enough to drop; then put it on the hatpin head. When sufficient wax has adhered to the pin, hold the lump over the flame, revolving the pin at the same time so the wax will not drop and the head will form a round ball. The head can be made in any shape desired while warm. When the desired shape has been obtained, cool thoroughly in cold water and dry carefully.

Stripes and designs may be put on the foundation by applying drops of other brilliant colored wax, and by careful manipulation the wax when warm can be made to flow around the pin head and form pretty stripes and designs. If a certain color is to be more prominent, the wax to make this color must be applied last and the pin put through the flame again. Cool in water and dry, as before, and pass once more through the flame to obtain the luster.