Wood Burning

Wood Burning 579

Burnt wood work done with an ordinary reading glass and the sun's rays.

Bronze Liquid

Banana oil or amyl acetate is a good bronze liquid.

Use For Paper Bags

When groceries are delivered, save the paper bags and use them for staring bread and cakes. Tie the neck of the bag with a string and it will keep the contents fresh and clean. --Contributed by Mrs. L. H. Atwell, Kissimmee, Florida.

Relay Made From Electric Bell

It is not necessary to remove the adjusting-screw when changing an electric bell into a relay. Simply twist it around as at A and bend the circuit-breaking contact back as shown. It may be necessary to remove the head of the screw, A, to prevent short-circuiting with the armature. --Contributed by A. L. Macey, New York City.

Foundry Work At Home [95]

Ringing A Bell By Touching A Gas Jet

The experiment of scuffling the feet over a carpet and then producing a spark which will light the gas by touching the chandelier is described on another page. One of our correspondents says that if a wire is connected to the chandelier and led to one terminal of the coherer of a wireless telegraph outfit the bell will ring every time the spark is produced by touching the chandelier, and that, as the chandeliers are all connected by the gas-pipe, the bell will ring, no matter in which room the spark is produced. Touch the Gas Jet and Ring the Bell

Illustration: Touch the Gas Jet and Ring the Bell

Lead Kills Knots

The covering quality will be greatly improved if some dry red lead is added to the shellac varnish used for killing knots.

Making A Fire With The Aid Of Ice

Take a piece of very clear ice and melt it down into the hollow of your hands so as to form a large lens. The illustration shows how this is done. With the lens-shaped ice used in the same manner as a reading glass to direct the sun's rays on paper or shavings you can start a fire. --Contributed by Arthur E. Joerin. Forming the Ice Lens

Illustration: Forming the Ice Lens

Faucet Used As An Emergency Plug

A brass faucet split as shown at A during a cold spell, and as no suitable plug to screw into the elbow after removing the faucet was at hand, I drove a small cork, B, into the end of the faucet and screwed it back in place. The cork converted the faucet into an emergency plug which prevented leakage until the proper fitting to take its place could be secured. --Contributed by James M. Kane, Doylestown, Pa.

A Tight Fitting Cork Driven into a Cracked Faucet Converted It into an Emergency Plug

A Tight-Fitting Cork Driven into a Cracked Faucet Converted It into an Emergency Plug

Substitute For Insulating Cleats

In wiring up door bells, alarms and telephones as well as experimental work the use of common felt gun wads make a very good cleat for the wires. They are used in the manner illustrated in the accompanying sketch. The insulated wire is placed between two wads and fastened with two nails or screws. If one wad on the back is not thick enough to keep the wire away from the support, put on two wads behind and one in front of the wire and fasten in the same manner as described.

Substitute For Insulating Cleats 608

Repairing A Washer On A Flush Valve

When the rubber washer on the copper flush valve of a soil-basin tank becomes loose it can be set by pouring a small quantity of paraffin between the rubber and the copper while the valve is inverted, care being taken to have the rubber ring centered. This makes a repair that will not allow a drop of water to leak out of the tank. --Contributed by Frank Jermin, Alpena, Michigan.

Repairing A Washer On A Flush Valve 601

Protecting Tinware

New tinware rubbed over with fresh lard and heated will never rust.

A Tool For Lifting Can Covers

A handy tool for prying up varnish paint, syrup and similar can covers car be made from an old fork filed down to the shape shown in the illustration. The end is filed to an edge, but not sharp. --Contributed by Ben Grebin, Ashland, Wis. Made of an Old Fork

Illustration: Made of an Old Fork

New Use For A Vacuum Cleaner

An amateur mechanic who had been much annoyed by the insects which were attracted to his electric lights found a solution in the pneumatic moth trap described in a recent issue of Popular Mechanics. He fixed a funnel to the end of the intake tube of a vacuum cleaner and hung it under a globe. The insects came to the light, circled over the funnel and disappeared. He captured several pounds in a few hours. --Contributed by Geo. F. Turl, Canton, Ill.

Home-Made Fire Extinguisher

Dissolve 20 lb. of common salt and 10 lb. of sal ammoniac in 7 gal. of water, and put the solution in thin glass bottles, cork tightly and seal to prevent evaporation. The bottles should hold about 1 qt. If a fire breaks out, throw one of the bottles in or near the flames, or break off the neck and scatter the contents on the fire. It may be necessary to use several bottles to quench the flames.