How To Build A Grape Arbor

A grape arbor made of white pine, put together as shown in the sketch, will last for several years. The 2 by 4-in. posts, A, are 7 ft. long. The feet, B, are made 2 by 4 in., 4 ft. long, and rest on a brick placed under each end.

Grape Arbor Trellis

Grape-Arbor Trellis

Writing With Electricity

Soak a piece of white paper in a solution of potassium iodide and water for about a minute and then lay it on a piece of sheet metal. Connect the sheet metal with the negative or zinc side of a battery and then, using the positive wire as a pen, write your name or other inscription on the wet paper.

Electrolytic Writing

Electrolytic Writing

The result will be brown lines on a white background. --Contributed by Geo. W. Fry, San Jose, Cal.

A Musical Windmill

Make two wheels out of tin. They may be of any size, but wheel A must be larger than wheel B. On wheel A fasten two pieces of wood, C, to cross in the center, and place a bell on the four ends, as shown. The smaller wheel, B, must be separated from the other with a round piece of wood or an old spool. Tie four buttons with split rings to the smaller wheel, B. The blades on the wheels should be bent opposite on one wheel from the others so as to make the wheels turn in different directions. When turning, the buttons will strike the bells and make ring constantly.

Optical Illusions

One-Wire Telegraph Line

The accompanying wiring diagram shows a telegraph system that requires no switches and may be operated with open-circuit batteries on a one-wire line with ground connections at each end. Any telegraph set in which the key makes double contact can be connected up in this way. --Contributed by R. A. Diagram of One Wire Line

Illustration: Diagram of One-Wire Line

Brown, Fairport, N. Y.

How To Tighten A Curtain-Roller Spring

A common table fork can be used to hold the little projection on the end of a curtain roller for tightening the spring. Hold the fork firmly with one hand while turning the roller with the other. Do not let go of the fork until the little catches are set in position to prevent the spring from turning, or else the fork may be thrown off with dangerous force.

Restoring Tone To A Cracked Bell

Many a bell with a deadened tone due to a cracked rim, can be given its original clear ringing sound by sawing out the crack with a common hacksaw. Make the saw cut along the line of the crack. The opening caused by the saw will allow the free vibration of the metal. --Contributed by F. W. Bently, Jr., Huron, S. Dak. ,

Door-Opener For Furnace

The accompanying diagram shows an arrangement to open the coal door of a furnace. When approaching the furnace with a shovelful of coal it is usually necessary to rest the shovel on the top of the ash door, while the coal door is being opened. With my device it is only necessary to press the foot pedal, which opens the door. After putting in the coal, pressing the pedal closes the door. The pulley in the ceiling must be placed a little in front of the door, in order to throw the door open after lifting it from the catch. A large gate hinge is used to hold the pedal to the floor. --Contributed by Edward Whitney, Madison, Wis.

Furnace Door Opener

Furnace Door Opener

Trap For Small Animals

This is a box trap with glass sides and back, the panes of glass being held in place by brads placed on both sides. The animal does not fear to enter the box, because he can see through it: when he enters, however, and touches the bait the lid is released and, dropping, shuts him in. This is one of the easiest traps to build and is usually successful.

Homemade Grenet Battery [83]

To Use Old Battery Zincs

When the lower half of a battery zinc becomes eaten away the remaining part can be used again by suspending it from a wire as shown in the cut. Be sure and have a good connection at the zinc binding post and cover that with melted paraffin. This prevents corrosion, which would otherwise occur from the action of the sal ammoniac or other chemical. The wire may be held at the top by twisting it around a piece of wood or by driving a peg through the hole in the porcelain insulator. --Contributed by Louis Lauderbach, Newark, N.J.

Showing Zinc Suspended

Showing Zinc Suspended

An Egg-Shell Funnel

Bottles having small necks are hard to fill without spilling the liquid. A funnel cannot be used in a small opening, and pouring with a graduate glass requires a steady hand. When you do not have a graduate at hand, a half egg-shell with a small hole pricked in the end will serve better than a funnel. Place the shell in an oven to brown the surface slightly and it will be less brittle and last much longer. --Contributed by Maurice Bau-dier, New Orleans, La.