It is a very simple matter to make a good fountain pen out of an ordinary pen and holder. The device is in the form of an attachment readily connected to or removed from any ordinary pen and holder, although the chances are that when once used it will not be detached until a new pen is needed.

Take the butt end of a quill, A, from a chicken, goose or turkey feather--the latter preferred as it will hold more ink--and clean out the membrane in it thoroughly with a wire or hatpin. Then make a hole in the tapered end of the quill just large enough to pull through a piece of cotton string. Tie a knot in one end of this string, B, and pull it through the small end of the quill until the knot chokes within, then cut off the string so that only 1/4 in. projects. Shave out a small stopper from a bottle cork for the large end of the quill. This completes the ink reservoir. Fountain Attachment

Illustration: Fountain Attachment

Place the quill on top of the penholder C, so that its small end rests against the pen immediately above its eye. Pull the string through this eye. Securely bind the quill to the pen and holder with a thread, as shown, first placing under it a wedge-shaped support of cork or wood, D, hollowed on both sides to fit the curved surfaces of the quill and holder. The illustration shows the detail clearly.

To fill the reservoir place the pen upright on its point and dip a small camel's-hair brush or cloth-bound toothpick into the ink bottle and "scrape" off the ink it will hold on the inner edge of the quill. Cork tightly, and the device is ready for use. When not in use place the holder at an angle with the pen uppermost. --Contributed by Chelsea C. Fraser, Saginaw, Michigan.

Fountain For An Ordinary Pen

Take two steel pens, not the straight kind, and place together, one above the other, in the penholder.

Two Pens In Holder

Two Pens In Holder

With one dip of ink 60 or 70 words may be written. This saves time and the arrangement also prevents the ink from dropping off the pen. --Contributed by L. M. Lytle, Kerrmoor, Pa.

A Remedy For Leaking Fountain Pens

Fountain-pen leaks may often be prevented by unscrewing the joint and lightly smearing the screw with vaseline. This also makes it easy to unscrew the joint for filling.

Saving Ink Pens

Ink usually corrodes pens in a short time. This can be prevented by placing pieces of steel pens or steel wire in the ink, which will absorb the acid and prevent it from corroding the pens.

Fountain Pen Cap Used As A Ruler

When it is necessary to draw a short line and there is no ruler at hand, take off the cap of your fountain pen and use it as a ruler. If the cap is fitted with a retaining clip, all the better, as this will prove a safeguard against slipping. Ruling Lines

Illustration: Ruling Lines