The 1,170 establishments covered by the report produced during the census year 40,533 steam boilers, representing an aggregate of 2,928,983 horsepower, with a total value of $25,-663,445. Of steam engines of all types there were manufactured 29,120, representing 2,210,727 horsepower, and valued at $28,019,971. The number of internal-combustion engines, using gas, petroleum, or other vapors, produced by these establishments was 18.-531, their aggregate horsepower was 164,662, and their total value amounted to $5,579,398. There were also manufactured 2,680 water motors, including overshot and undershot wheels, turbines, and impact wheels, with an estimated total of 367.934 horsepower.

and an aggregate value of $1,520,849. The totals for all primary powers, exclusive of steam boilers, were as follows: Number of units, 50,331; aggregate horsepower, 2.743,323; total value, $35,120,218. The other products of these 1,170 establishments amounted in value to $84,754,239; the amounts received for custom work and repairing reached a total of $26,664,-243, and the total output of all products and all classes of work represented a value of $172,202,145.

The table shows the number, aggregate horsepower, and total value of each kind of motive-power appliances produced by these establishments during the census year.