In common practice, the new exhauster at the Old Kent Road passes about five million cubic feet of gas per day of twenty-four hours, and requires the attention of two men and two boys for driving and stoking, at the following cost:

 s. d.

Wages--2 men, at 5s. 6d 11 0

Wages--2 boys, at 3s. 6d 7 0

----£ 0 18 0

Oil, 1 gallon 0 3 6

Waste, 5 lb 0 1 0


Total £ 1 2 6 

for five million cubic feet, or 0.054d. per 1,000 feet. The boiler burns a mixture of coke and breeze, chiefly the latter, of small value, costing 0.0174d. per 1,000 feet of gas exhausted; therefore the total cost of exhausting gas by the new system is--

 Fuel 0.0174d

Wages, oil, and waste 0.0540


Total 0.07l4d. 

per 1,000 cubic feet of gas, exclusive of repairs, which will be decidedly less for the new exhauster than for that on the older system, from the friction being so much less. The feed water evaporated is at the rate of about 7.4 lb. per pound of breeze, and 7.5 lb. per pound of coke.



It will be seen that the exhausting arrangements at the Old Kent Road are extremely economical, the cost of fuel being reduced to a minimum; while a man and boy by day, and their reliefs for the night, attend to the machinery inside the exhauster-house, and also to the pumps outside, and stoke the boiler as well.--Journal of Gas Lighting.