Mr. G. Fahrig, of Eccles, Lancashire, has invented a new process of refining sugar through electrolysis. The brown sugar is decolorized by means of ozone produced by electric currents of high tension from a dynamo. The electrodes consist of metal grills covered with platinum or some other inoxidizable metal, and are placed in a vat with the intervention of perforated earthenware plates. After being ground and dried in hot air, the crude sugar is placed between the plate and the grills, and the discharges passing between the electrodes produce ozone, which separates the sugar from the coloring matter. To purify the sugar still further, Mr. Fahrig dries it and places it in another vat, with carbon or platinum conducting plates separated by a porous partition. The sugar is placed on one side of this partition, and water circulates on the other side.

The current from a dynamo of feeble tension is sent through the vat between the plates. The water carries along the impurities separated by the current, and the sugar is further whitened and refined.

Electrolysis And Refining Of Sugar 620 9a

The accompanying figure shows a series of four vats arranged one above another, in order to permit the water to circulate. Here i and h represent the plates connected with the poles of the dynamo through the conductors, f and g; m represents the porous partition; L, the spaces filled with sugar; and l, the compartments in which the water circulates. - La Lumiere Electrique.