MM. Vabet and Vienne, in a recent number of Comptes Rendus, state that by passing a current of acetylene through 200 grammes of benzene containing 50 grammes of aluminum chloride for 30 hours the oily liquid remaining after removal of the unaltered aluminum chloride by washing was found to yield, on fractional distillation, three distinct products. The first, which came over between 143° and 145°, and which amounted to 80 per cent. of the whole, consisted of pure cinnamene or styrolene (CH.CH.CH), which is one of the principal constituents of liquid storax, and was synthetized by M. Berthelot by passing acetylene and benzene vapor through a tube heated to redness. The second fraction, coming over at 265°-270°, consisted of diphenyl ethane ((CH) CH.CH); and the third fraction, boiling at 280°-286°, was found to consist entirely of dibenzyl (CH.CH.CH.CH), a solid substance isomeric with diphenyl ethane. These syntheses afford another instance of the singular action of aluminum chloride in attacking the benzene nucleus.