331. If your ears burn, name each one for people of the opposite sex; the one which ceases to burn first shows the one who loves you the better..................................North-eastern Kentucky

332. If your left ear burns, your lover is thinking of you...................North-eastern Kentucky

333. If you boil an egg, remove the yolk, fill it with salt, and eat it just before going to sleep, the man that brings you a cup of water in your dream you will marry. If the cup is of gold, you will be wealthy; if of tin, very poor.

334. Place an egg in front of an open fire at night and sit in front of it without speaking. Your future mate will come in and turn the egg when it is hot.

335. If someone tells you his right eye itches and you do not pass the statement on, you will never marry.. ...........................Western Kentucky

336. A quivering or twitching of the eye is a sign that your lover is thinking of you.

337. Take an eyelash, name your lover, and then blow the lash away. If you do not see the eyelash any more, your sweetheart loves you.

338. Pull an eyelash out and hold it between the thumb and the first finger. Let one person name the thumb and another the finger. Open them. The one that the eyelash sticks to has the name of the one that loves you.

339. If you go to the joining place of three farms, you will meet the person you are to marry.. Mountains

340. If you find a crooked feather in your hair, your husband will be a humpback.............Mountains

341. If you crook your little finger while holding a cup, you will never be married.

342. The number of times you can pop your fingers shows the number of sweethearts that you will have.................................Central Kentucky

343. Anyone who can make the first and fourth fingers touch over the backs of the others may marry anyone he chooses.

344. If you can cross your forefinger and little finger over your other fingers, you can get whom you please and please whom you get.

345. Name a lighted fire. If it burns, the person named loves you.

346. If you can make a good fire, you will make a good husband or wife.

347. The man or woman that can not make a good fire will not get a good wife or husband.

348. If your fire fails to burn, your lover is not busy.

349. If a fire that a girl makes goes out, her sweetheart is thinking of her.

350. If a girl builds a good fire, her sweetheart loves her.

351. If the first of a family to marry marries well, the rest will marry well, but if the first marriage is a poor one the rest will be poor.

352. While you are fishing, name the worm. If you catch a fish, your lover is true.

353. If a girl spills flour while she is baking, her husband will be a drunkard.

354. In pinning a bouquet on, if you put the flowers accidentally upside down, you wish to be married.

355. If you wear a flower with the stem up, you are engaged ............................Blue Grass

356. When a boy wears a flower to school, he is hunting a girl.

357. Certain crosses of stone, found in the Kentucky mountains, are thought to have been tears shed by the fairies when they learned of Christ's crucifixion. The cross brings good luck, especially for lovers.. ..................................Mountains

358. If two forks are placed at your plate, you will hear of a wedding.......................Mountains

359. If a woman gets two forks at her plate, she will have two husbands.

360. If you have two forks at your plate, someone will take your girl away from you........ .Mountains

361. Put the web of a goose's foot into the beverage of a girl whom you would have love you.... Mountains

362. If a child is held down by a hair across his nose, the first word he says will be the first word he will say after his marriage.

363. Pull a hair through the fingers. It will curl. In whatever direction the hair points, your sweetheart lives.......................Western Kentucky

364. If a man to whom you give a hair from your head holds it between his thumb and his first finger, the first word he says will be the first word that he utters to his wife.....................Mountains

365. A hair found in the heel of your stocking will have the color of that of your future husband.

366. If you pull a hair out of a girl's head, she will love you.

367. Pull a hair from the head of a boy whom you wish to love you. If you bury his hair along with one of yours, he will love you forever.

368. If you sew a lock of your hair in the hem of a bride's dress, you will be married before a year has passed.

369. If you wear a lock of your sweetheart's hair in your hat, he will love no other.

370. If someone takes the combings from the comb after you have combed your hair, she will get your sweetheart.

371. To find a hairpin is a sign that you will find a lover.

372. When you find a hairpin, hang it up and name it a color. The first boy you pass wearing a tie of this color will be your husband...........Blue Grass

373. Hang up a hairpin which you have found and name it for a friend. If anyone takes it before the week-end, she takes the friend........Blue Grass

374. If you wear in your shoe a hairpin which you have found in the road, the first man you meet with a red tie on will be your future husband.

375. If a girl finds a hairpin and keeps it six months, she will have a proposal at the end of that time.

376. On Hallowe'en name an apple that hangs by a string.

If you can bite it, you are beloved by the person that you have named.

377. On Hallowe'en, he who can bite an apple by bobbing for it will marry.

378. If you walk in a grave-yard on Hallowe'en, you will see your future husband or wife.

379. Look into a mirror at midnight on Hallowe'en to see your intended.