3152. If you cross bats in playing ball, your luck will change.

3153. In laying baseball bats down, do not cross them.

3154. If the first batter in a baseball game strikes out, the opposing team will win.

3155. If you break your bat, you may expect a batting slump.

3156. It causes bad luck to change bats after you have taken one in your hand.

3157. To change bats after the second strike is unwise.

3158. It causes bad luck for a baseball player to stand on the plate with the large end of the bat down.

3159. If one drops a baseball bat between the home base and the catcher, bad luck will follow.

3160. When one is running toward first base, it brings bad luck to step over a bat.

3161. If on the way to the plate you pass between the home plate and the pitcher, you will be hit by the ball later.

3162. For good luck, spit on the end of the bat before batting.

3163. It is unlucky for the batter to spit on the home plate.

3164. If the pitcher strikes out the first batter, the pitcher will lose.

3165. If a pitcher spits on a ball, the batter will miss it.

3166. If a pitcher finds a toad in the outfield just before he begins the game, he will win.

3167. It brings bad luck for the pitcher to step out of the box after he has thrown the first strike.

3168. It causes bad luck for a pitcher to sleep in the room of a losing pitcher.

3169. A ball team should not have its picture taken before a game.

3170. Some especially bad luck will come to you if you are put out on third base.

3171. To change a baseball locker will bring bad luck.

3172. It brings good luck to pass a hay wagon on the day of a baseball game, if you will tip your hat to it.

3173. It is well for a ball-player to see a load of empty beer barrels while he is on his way to the ball park-

3174. If your hand itches while you are playing baseball, you will catch the next foul ball.

3175. The placing of a black piece of cloth in the dugout of the opposing team, will bring victory to your team.

3176. To use the locker of a great baseball player will bring good luck.

3177. The seventh inning in baseball will be lucky for one of the two opposing baseball teams.

3178. It is bad luck for the batter to try to watch the catcher's signal.

3179. The home team should not permit the visiting team to sit on the bench.

3180. If a towel that you hang up in a dressing room before a ball game remains and is untouched, you will win.

3181. If a baseball player sees a cross-eyed woman in the grandstand, he will not get a hit that day.

3182. The team that loses first blood in football, will lose the game.

3183. To play a game in a new or a clean uniform is unlucky.

3184. A common saying among fishermen is:

"Wind from the south, hook in the mouth, Wind from the east, bite the least; Wind from the north, further off; Wind from the west, bite the best."

3185. Fish bite best when dogwood is in bloom.

3186. Fish will not bite when it is thundering.

3187. When it thunders, the time is favorable to fish for cat fish ............................Mountain

3188. Spit on your fishing-bait for luck.

3189. In fishing, you would do well to spit on your bait three times.

3190. Chew sweet enice and spit on your hook for luck at fishing.

3191. It causes good luck when you are fishing to throw out on dry land a leaf that has been caught in the water.

3192. If you stick your hand with a fish's fin, you will catch nothing more.

3193. To carry a fishing pole into the house will prevent your catching anything.

3194. It is unlucky to change poles, while you are fishing.

3195. If you let the end of a pole touch the water, you will catch no fish.

3196. In fishing, if you step over the fishing pole, you will catch no fish.

3197. If you curse while you are fishing, the fish will not bite...............................Mountains

3198. It causes bad luck to change hooks while you are fishing.

3199. If you let another person get fishing bait from your bait can, you will have no luck........Mountains

3200. If you catch a fish in the eye, you will not catch any more that day......................Mountains

3201. If when you go fishing you turn the first fish caught back into the water, you will have bad luck.

3202. It causes bad luck to cross lines in fishing.

3203. If some one steps over your fishing line, you will have bad luck.

3204. It brings bad luck to take a dog with you on a fishing trip, for you will catch no fish.

3205. If when you go fishing a rabbit crosses your path, you will catch no fish.1

3206. If in falling weather chickens do not seek shelter but walk about, you may go hunting with assurance, as birds will also be out... Central Kentucky

1 For fishing in connection with the signs of the zodiac, see the chapter on "The Moon and Signs of the Zodiac," numbers 2990-2292.

3207. When you leave the house on a hunting or fishing expedition, kick off your right shoe. This act will bring good luck.

3208. To have good luck in hunting, you should shoot your gun once before you leave your yard..........................................Blue Grass

3209. A hunter will encounter bad luck if he turns back after he has entered a wood.

3210. If two hunters cross different panels of fence, bad luck will follow.

3211. When you are hunting, you may change your luck by turning the back of your hat to the front.

3212. If you drop a gun, you will have an accident five nights afterward ...................Mountains

3213. If you shoot a gun against a tree when the bark is frozen, the shot will come back and kill you.

3214. Do not let your hunting gun be out of your possession over night during the hunting season.

3215. If a horse refuses to drink before a race, he will win..................................Blue Grass

3216. To keep a goat in the stall of a race-horse will bring good luck..........................Blue Grass

3217. If a jockey turns his cap around backwards, he will not win...........................Blue Grass

3218. Odd days are lucky for bets on horse-races.........................................Blue Grass

3219. It is disastrous to bet on horse-races on even days.

3220. If you will give a needy person money before you go to the races, you will win your bets.

3221. To touch a hunch-back will bring good luck at horse-races.

3222. It brings bad luck to bet on a gray horse in a horserace.

3223. If anyone "crosses your luck," as in boys' outdoor games, you will be unsuccessful.

3224. If a prize fighter sees a load of empty barrels on the day of a fight, he will lose.

3225. To spit on one's hands before a fight is lucky.

3226. A girl skipping a rope says:

"Mother, mother, I am sick.

Send for the doctor, quick, quick.

Doctor, doctor, shall I die?

Yes, my child, but don't you cry.

How many carriages shall I have?

One two, three," et cetera until she misses the rope.......................North-eastern Kentucky

3227. If a swing stops before you get out, you will die.

3228. After someone says, "Let the old cat die," it will cause bad luck to quicken the motion of the swing.