902. A negro with fine, straight hair is sure to be vicious............................Central Kentucky

903. Men with fine, light hair are intelligent and conceited. If they do not marry until late in life, they are likely to be selfish.

904. Men with fine brown hair, light or dark, make the best husbands. They are quick, thoughtful, and less likely to be selfish than extremely light-haired or extremely dark-haired men.

905. Men whose hair turns gray prematurely are nearly always good fellows. They are nervous, but are brainy, sympathetic, and honorable.

906. Women with pale blond hair, or the ashy kind, are impulsive, loving, fickle. They can not be depended on, but they make good companions.

907. Women with dark brown hair are very loyal. They are full of sentiment and easily affected. They enjoy keenly and suffer in proportion.

908. Women with fine black hair are highly strung.

Those with coarse black hair are nearly always ill-tempered.

909. All women with dark hair are more tempestuous than those with light hair. The dark eyes and complexions that go with dark hair denote strong feeling. Dark-haired women are more faithful than light-haired women.

910. If a woman's hair grows in a widow's peak on the forehead, she is a woman of charm..........................................Central Kentucky

911. Red hair is a sign of a fiery temper.

912. A person's hair may turn white from fright.

913. If you have two crowns, you will live under two governments.

914. If you have a double crown, you will not live long.....................................Blue Grass

915. To make yourself think clearly, put something on your head; for example, a ring or a bracelet.

916. A hair on your shoulder is the sign of a letter.................................Western Kentucky

917. A wart on the neck shows that you will be hanged....................................Mountains

918. If the left palm itches, you will receive money.

919. When the palm itches,

"Scratch it on wood, It's sure to come good."

920. Cold hands mean a warm heart.

921. Put the hand of a sleeper into water. He will then tell his secrets or the name of his sweetheart.

922. If you put the hands of a sleeping person into muddy water, he will answer any question that you ask him.

923. Hold your hands down awhile; if you have had measles, you can see the marks in your hands.......................................Mountains

924. If four people accidentally cross their hands in shaking hands, they will have good luck.

925. If the hair on the back of your hands grows long, you will be rich.

926. Back-handed writing shows a sly nature.

927. It brings bad luck to put a worm on a hook with the left hand...........................Mountains

928. If you wear a thimble on the left hand, you will be an old maid............North-eastern Kentucky

929. It causes bad luck to shake hands with your left hand.

930. A left-handed person owes three days' work to the


931. A left-handed person owes the Devil a thousand rails..................................Mountains

932. If your right hand itches, you will shake hands with a stranger.

933. An itching of the right hand indicates that you will shake hands with an old friend.

934. If your right hand itches, you will get a letter.

935. If the palm of your hand itches, a caller is coming.

936. If you stick your finger with a pin, you will be disappointed.

937. When you join your two hands, if you place your right thumb over the left, you will rule your married partner.

938. If the left thumb is placed over the right, when you join your two hands, you will be ruled by your married partner.

939. He who clenches his thumb within his fist is a coward.

940. Long thumbs indicate a stubborn disposition.

941. If your thumbs turn back at the end, you will not be able to save money.

942. "Wide thumbs will spin gold," that is, make or earn gold.

943. If you can see between your fingers, you are a spendthrift.

944. If your finger-prints make impressions of circular or approximately circular lines, you will be a money-saver.

945. If your finger-prints make impressions that sweep out and do not make circles, you will be a money-waster.

946. A woman with short fingers will be a good manager.

947. Crooked fingers show that one's ancestors were laborers.

948. A person with long fingers will not have to scratch for a living.

949. A man with long fingers is grasping.

950. A person with short fingers will have a good living.

951. If you can make your first and fourth fingers meet back of your hand without holding them you will rule your married partner.

952. If you can make your first and fourth fingers meet in front, you will rule your home.

953. The spreading out of hands and fingers in a gesture indicates a broad and generous mind.

954. If your little finger is crooked, you are a crook.

955. Hands clenched and not open are indicative of a mean and grasping disposition.

956. If a person wears a ring on the middle finger of each hand, he will have bad luck.

957. If you bite your finger-nails, you will not grow tall.

958. If you cut the nails of a sick person, he will die.

959. If your finger-nails have half-moons at the bottom end, you are of good stock.

A half-moon on each finger-nail shows that you are of good blood.

960. If your finger-nails are ridged, you will have a short life.

961. If your finger-nails are deep down in your fingers, you will be rich.

962. Long finger-nails are a sign of a long life. Blue Grass

963. People with short finger-nails are tale-bearers.

964. If your finger-nails do not taper at the end, you will have to work for your living.