965. If there is a white spot on your finger-nail, you are to receive a present.

966. White spots on the nails counting from thumb to little finger, indicate, "Friends, foes, presents, beaux, journeys to go."

967. White spots on your finger-nails show that you tell lies.

968. If a sick person in bed cuts his nails, he will not get well until his nails grow out.5

969. Leather worn on the wrist will make you strong.

970. If you kiss your elbow, you will change your sex.

971. A pointed elbow is the sign of a sour disposition................................Central Kentucky

972. If you strike your "crazy bone," you may know that two ladies are coming.

973. If you measure yourself, a member of the family will die before a year is over.

5 For significance of the days that you pare your nails, see Days and Seasons.

974. If your back aches, you are going (or deserve) to get a whipping.

975. If a woman who is menstruating touches a barrel of sour-krout, it will spoil..............Mountains

976. If you attend to a call of nature in the road, you will have a boil on your posterior part.....Mountains

977. To avert the penalty involved in the last superstition, spit on the refuse...................Mountains

978. To he on the right side brings good luck.

979. Every time you sigh, a drop of blood falls from the heart.

980. If a chain of shingles meets in a continuous sore, you will die. (Shingles really follow a nerve.)

981. If your left foot itches, you will soon walk on the ground that you later will be buried in.. Mountains

982. If your left foot iches, you will walk where you are not welcome.

983. If your right foot itches, you will walk on strange ground.

984. If the bottom of the foot itches, you will step on strange ground.

985. It brings bad luck to stump the toe of the left foot.

986. To avert the bad luck incident to stumping the left foot, you must go back and start over.

987. The bad luck incident to stumping the left foot may be averted by turning around.

988. It is lucky to stump the right foot.

989. It causes bad luck to stump your toe.

990. You can avert this bad luck incident to stumping your toe if you kiss your thumb.

991. If you stump your toe, it brings bad luck unless you go back over the same place without stumping your toe.

992. If you go anywhere and stumble, you are not welcome there.

993. If you stump your toe while on the way to make a visit, you are not welcome there.

994. If you stumble on your way to make a visit, you will gain an admirer.

995. If you stumble on your way home from a call, you lose an admirer.

996. It is bad luck to have anyone step over your feet.

997. Avert the bad luck which will come if anyone steps over your feet by making the person step backwards over them.

998. If someone should step over you while you are lying on the floor, you will die before he does unless he steps back.

999. It brings bad luck to step first on the left foot in the morning.

1000. Dress and undress with the right foot first for good luck.

1001. It is well to step into a court room on your right foot when you have business there.

1002. If a girl steps on another girl's toe, she will take her sweetheart from her..............Mountains

1003. If you cross your feet while you are dancing, the devil will get you.

1004. If your second toe is longer than the great toe, you will rule your mate. (Compare 586.)

1005. It brings good luck to carry a negro's toe...................................Western Kentucky

1006. Big feet are a sign of intelligence.

1007. If you bury an amputated limb, the patient will have pains until it rots. It should be burned.

1008. A red mole is a sign of intelligence.

1009. "A mole on the face, gentleman's taste."

1010. "A mole on the face, you'll suffer disgrace."

1011. A mole on your cheek is the sign that your mother's washing tub will leak.

1012. "Mole on the lip,

You're a little too flip". Central Kentucky Negroes

1013. "Mole on the ear, Money by the year."

1014. A mole under the ear is a sign that you will be hanged.

1015. "Mole on neck, money by the peck."

1016. A mole on the neck is a sign that the person will be hanged.

1017. "Mole on your back, Money by the pack."

1018. "Mole on your arm, you are a gentleman's charm."

1019. "Mole on your arm, You'll live on a farm."

1020. "Mole on your breast, baby in the nest...............................Central Kentucky Negroes

1021. A mole on the right side means good luck.

1022. A mole on the left side brings bad luck.

1023. A mole in the life line on the hand is the sign of a terrible disaster.

1024. "Moly, moly, on the leg, Money, money, by the keg."

1025. A mole on your left leg is the sign that you have a very bad temper...................Mountains saliva6

1026. If you spit on yourself, the nearest one to you will tell a lie on you.....................Mountains

1027. If you spit on yourself, the one nearest your right side will tell a lie on you.............Mountains

1028. If you spit on yourself, you will hear of a death before the end of the week.............Mountains

1029. It causes bad luck to spit on any one else.

1030. If you spit over your left shoulder, you can break a bad charm.

1031. If you spit into any one's tracks, you will have a headache....................Western Kentucky

1032. If you make a cross and spit in it, you will have good luck all your life.

1033. Spit on a rock, to make it strike the object that you throw at.......................Mountains

1034. When you plant a bush or plant, spit into the hole..................................Mountains