729 Volumes, 159 2s. 6d.

The Publishers are now issuing the Libraries in a NEW AND MORE ATTRACTIVE STYLE OF BINDING. The original bindings endeared to many book-lovers by association will still be kept in stock, but henceforth all orders will be executed in the New binding, unless the contrary is expressly stated.

New Volumes of Standard Works in the various branches of Literature are constantly being added to this Series, which is already unsurpassed in respect to the number, variety, and cheapness of the Works contained in it. The Publishers beg to announce the following Volumes as recently issued or now in preparation :-

Cooper's Biographical Dictionary, containing Concise Notices of Eminent

Persons of all ages and countries. In 2 volumes. Demy 8vo. 51. each.

[Ready. See p. 19. Goethe's Reineke Fox, West-Eastern Divan and Achilleid. {Ready. Seep. 5.

North's Lives of the Norths. Edited by Rev. Dr. Jessopp. [In the press.

Johnson's Lives of the Poets. Edited by Robina Napier. [In the press.

Hooper's Waterloo. [Ready. See p. 5.

The Works of Flavius Josephus. Whiston's Translation. Revised by Rev. A. R. Shilleto, M.A. With Topographical and Geographical Notes by Colonel Sir C. W. Wilson, K.C.B. 5 volumes. [Seep. 6.

Elze's Biography of Shakespeare. [Ready. Seep. 8.

Pascal's Thoughts. Translated by C. Kegan Paul. [_Ready. See p. 7.

Bjornson's Arne and the Fisher Lassie. Translated by W. H. Low.

[Ready. See p. 20. Racine's Plays. Translated by R. B. Boswell. [Vol.1, ready, see p.

Hoffmann's Works. Translated by Lieut.-Colonel Ewing. Vol. II.

[In the press.

Bohn's Handbooks of Games. New enlarged edition. In 2 vols. [See p. 21.

Vol. I.-Table Games, by Major-General Drayson, R.A., R. F. Green, and 'Berkeley.' II.-Card Games, by Dr, W. role, F.R.S., and 'Berkeley.'

Bohn's Handbooks of Athletic Sports. In 4 vols. [Set p, 21.

By Hon. and Rev. E. Lyttelton, H. W. Wilberforce, Julian Marshall, W. T. Linskill

W. B. Woodgate, E. F. Knight, Martin Cobbett, Douglas Adams, Harry Vassal!,

C. W. Alcock, E. T. Sachs, H. H. Griffin, R. G. Allanson-Winn, Walter Armstrong,

H. A. Colmore Dunn.

For recent Volumes in the SELECT LIBRARY, see p. 24.

January, 1890.