See " Industrial Securities."

In Exchange

See " Payable in Exchange." Inflate. Prices are " inflated " when securities are selling for much more than they are intrinsically worth. To " inflate:" to swell up; to puff up with gas like a balloon; there is no solid substance inside and when the gas is let out the thing will collapse. The same practical end is apt to result from an " inflated " market. In Funds. Having money for the purpose required.

Inland Exchange

See "Exchange."

Inner Belt

See " Belt Lines."

Inside Broker

See "London Stock Exchange Transactions."


Perhaps a good definition of the word "insider" may be obtained by reading the subject matter under the heading "Fleece." The "insiders" are those who have knowledge of the financial and business affairs of a corporation, or of any enterprise, and are in a position, therefore, to act in an intelligent manner regarding the securities of such corporation. Another, perhaps very common meaning of "insider," is one who participates in the financial scheme, or plan, of an issue of securities, and, as a consequence, obtains special profits not obtainable by others.

Inside Tip

Information given in a secretive way by one having to do with the control or management of a corporation, purporting to show the true condition of the securities of the concern in question.

In Sight

Grain, coffee, cotton, or any commodity available for immediate use.


The inability to pay one's debts as they become due.


One is insolvent when he has not sufficient money or property to pay all debts.

Inspector Of Finance

Same as Bank Commissioner.




Securities are often sold conditionally upon certain proportion of the purchase price being paid at the time of purchase, and the balance being made payable in certain amounts at stated intervals, until the full amount is paid. Such payments are called instalments."

Insufficient Funds

When stamped upon a check returned from the bank at which it is payable it indicates that the

"drawer " has some but not sufficient money to his credit to meet its payment.


Short for " interest."


Interborough Rapid Transit Co. (Subway System of New York City.)

Intercepting Sewer Bonds

In some cities where the cost of the sewers is borne by the owners of the abutting property especially benefited by each particular sewer, there is a certain proportion of the whole system for which it is deemed proper that the municipality at large should be responsible, and, in such cases, the town or city itself may issue bonds for such a purpose bearing the above title.