When the sender desires a return receipt he should indorse the address side of the envelope or wrapper "Return receipt desired."

An article for registration should not be placed in a street letter box or in a mail drop at the post office. Firm registration books are supplied without cost to those registering large quantities of mail. All matter registered as first-class must be securely sealed.

Indemnity for Lost Registered Mail will be paid as follows: Domestic mail first-class (sealed) up to $50, actual value; third-class (unsealed), up to $25, actual value.

Foreign mail, amount claimed within limit of 50 francs ($9.65), for total loss (not partial loss or rifling), of a registered article exchanged between the United States and a Postal Union country, except foreign parcel post matter and losses beyond control ("force majeure").

Reports of Losses and Application for Indemnity should be made to the postmaster at the mailing office or office of address with particulars of registration, description of contents, and in case of partial loss or rifling with the envelope or wrapper.

The Delivery of Registered Mail may be restricted by the sender under certain conditions, which may be ascertained from the postmaster.