Postal Telegraph-cable Co.

Postal Money-orders. The following is from the printed regulations as issued by the United States Post-office Department:

Application, The process of obtaining a money-order is to fill in a simple form, called an " application," which form is furnished free of charge, and to present such application at the money-order branch of the post-office, where, upon payment of the sum to be sent and of the small fee exacted, a money-order will be drawn for any desired amount (but no single order for more than $100), payable at any money-order office in the United States designated by the applicant. When a larger sum than $100 is to be sent additional orders may be obtained.

At all of the larger post-offices, those of the first, second, and third classes, and at many of the smaller ones, International money-orders may also be obtained, payable in almost any part of the world.


The person who presents an order for payment must be prepared to prove his identity. In case of payment to the wrong person, the Department will see that the amount is made good to the owner, provided the wrong payment was not brought about through fault on the part of remitter, payee, or indorsee.