4 G. pilosa Nutt. St. retrorsely hirsute; lfts. 3, oval-oblong, retuse at apex, finely hirsute on both surfaces, paler beneath; rac. twice or thrice longer than the lvs., with scattered, distant fls. - N. Car. to Fla. and La. Sts. several feet in length. Lfts. 1 to 2' long, half as wide, petioles 1 to 1 1/2' long. Fls. a fourth smaller than in No. 2, pale roseate, pedicellate. Pods villous. Jn. - Sept.

5 G. brachypoda Torr. & Gr. St. flexuous, somewhat erect; lfts. 3, oblong or linear-oblong, odd one petiolulate, petioles longer than the lfts. or the few-flowered, stalked rac. - Pine barrens, W. Fla. Sts. leaning, 2 or more f high. Lfts. 12 to 18" by 4 to 6". Fls. purplish, about half as large as in No. 2.

6 G. sessiliflora Torr. & Gr. St. flexuous, erect; lfts. oblong-linear or linear, odd one subsessile; petioles longer than the lfts.; rac. very short, sessile. - Ala. and W. Fla. Sts. two or more together, 1 to 2f high. Lfts. 12 to 20" by 3 to 7", obtuse or emarginate. Fascicles 3 to 6-flowered. Fls. purple. Pods erect, 6 to 8-seeded.

52. DOL'ICHOS, L. (Gr.14 Loteae Part 18 599 long; from the great length of these vines.) Calyx 4-lobcd, the upper lobe 2-toothed or entire, vexillum, with 2 or 4 callosities near the base of the limb; Stigma terminal.

legume compressed, with few oval, compressed seeds. - Twining herbs with pinnately trifoliate Ivs.

D. multiflorus Torr. & Gr. Lfts. large, round-ovate, with a short acumination; rac. about as long as the petioles, dense, many-flowered; upper segm. of the cal. entire, lower longest, lanceolate; leg. broad, 3 to 5-seeded. - River banks, Ga. to La. and Ark. Sts. very long, retrorsely pubescent. Lfts. 2 to 4' diam., smooth when old. Pods 2' long, 8" wide, with an abrupt, incurved beak. Sds. brown, much flattened. Jn., Jl. β. Halei. St. minutely pubescent; lvs. glabrous; petioles 3 times longer than the few (5 to 8)-flowered rac. - Near N. Orleans (Hale.) D. sesquipedalis W. a vine with very long pods, native of the W. Indies, and

D. Cat-iang W., with two erect pods at top of the peduncle, native of E. Indies, are occasionally seen in cultivation at the South (Feay).

53. CLITO'RIA, L. Calyx bibracteolate, tubular, 5-toothed, segments acuminate; vexillum large, spreading, roundish, emarginate, not spurred; keel smaller than the wings, acute, on long claws; legume linear oblong, torulous, several-seeded. -14 Loteae Part 18 600 Mostly twining. Lvs. pinnately 3 to 5-foliate. Fls. very large, solitary or several together.

C. Mariana L. Glabrous; st. suberect or twining, suffruticous; lfts. 3, oblong-ovate or lanceolate, obtuse, lateral ones petiolulate; ped. short, 1 to 3-flowered: bracteoles and bracts very short; leg. torulous, 3 to 4-seeded. - Dry soils, N. J. to Fla. St. 1 to 3f long, round, slender, branched. Lfts. rather remote, about 1' by 6". Cor. pale purple, 2 to 2 1/2' in length, calyx 3/4', bracteoles 2". Jl., Aug.

54. CENTROSE'MA, DC. (Gr.14 Loteae Part 18 601 a spur, 14 Loteae Part 18 602 a standard; the vexillum spurred.) Sepals lance-linear, slightly united, the lower longest, and with 2 broad bracteoles; vex. very large, with a short spur on the back near the base; keel and stamens much shorter, incurved; legume long, linear, margined and long pointed.- 14 Loteae Part 18 603 Twining. Lvs. pinnately 3-foliate. Fls. very large. Bracts, bractlets, and calyx striated.

C. Virginiana Benth. St. Very slender; lfts. oblong-ovate to oblong-linear, firm, very veiny, the veius incurved; ped. 1 to 4-flowered bracteoles larger (not longer) than the cal.; pod. veined along the margin. - Dry soils, S. States. Whole plant of firm texture, glabrous and very slender, several feet in length. Banner orbicular, 1 3/4' broad, violet blue. Pod 4 to 6' long, 2 to 3" wide. Jl., Aug.