2 L. oblougifolia Hook. Lvs. oblong or oval, velvety-pubescent beneath, cor. limb deeply bilabiate; tube gibbous at base; ped. long, fi.iform, erect; berries connate or united into one, globous, purple, bi-umbilicate. - A shrub, 3 to 4f high, in swamps, Can. and N. Y. Lvs. almost sessile, 1 to 2' long, pad. of equal length. Cor. hairy, greenish-yellow outside, purplish inside, the lower lip nearly entire, the upper one 4-lobed, erect. Berries marked with the remains of the two calyces. Jn.

3 L. ccerulea L. Lvs. oval-oblong, ciliato, obtuse, villous both sides, at length smoothish; ped. short, reflexed in fruit; bracts longer than the ovaries; cor. gibbous at base, lobes short, subequad; berries connate or united into one, deep blue.- A low shrub in rocky woods, Mass. and N. Y. north to Hudson's Bay. St. 2f high, with small lvs. and pairs of small, yellow fls., which are longer than their peduncles. Lvs. ovate, oval, obovato and oblong, ending abruptly. May, Jn.

4L. Tartarica L. Tartarian Honeysuckle. Sts. erect, much branched; lvs. ovate, cordate, obtuse, smooth, shining, and dark green above, pair beneath, entire, on short petioles; ped. axillary, solitary, 2-flowered;- segm. of the cor. oblong, obtuse, equal. - An elegant and much admired shrub, from Russia. Grows from 4 to 10f high. Lvs. 1 to 2' by 3/4 to 11/2', coriaceous. Fl3. small, pale purple, varying to pure white, fragrant. Apr. - Jn. †

5 L. Japonica.L. Chinese Honeysuckle. Sts. soft-pubescent; lvs. ovate and oblong, minutely pointed, all distinct, petiolate; ped. axillary, 2-bracted and 2-flowered; cor. limb ringent, tube equal at base, slender, downy; stam. and sty. exserted. - From China. Sts. ilexuous, climbing 15f high, bearing a profusion of orange-colored fls. † South.

6 L. Periclymenum Tourn. Woodbine. Lvs. deciduous, all distinct, elliptical, rather acute, on short petioles; fls. in dense, imbricate, terminal heads: cor. ringent. - A woody climber, native cf Europe, cultivated and nearly naturalized. Fls. yellow and red, fragrant, succeeded by red berries. Variety querci-folium has sinuate lvs. May - Jl. †

7 L. sempervirens Ait. Trumpet Honeysuckle. Lvs. oblong, evergreen, the upper ones connatt-perfoliato; fls. in nearly naked spikes of distant whorls; cor. trumpet-shaped, nearly regular, ventricous above. - In moist groves and borders of swamps, N. Y. (near the city), to Fla. and la. St. woody, twining with the sun. The distinct lvs. in the wild plant are elliptical or almost linear; thw connate, but 1 or 2 pairs. Cor. nearly 2 long, of a line scarlet without and yellow within. Mar, Apr. (S.) - May - Jl. (N.) †.

8 L. flava Sim. Yellow Honeysuckle. Lvs. ovate, glaucous both sides, upper pair connate-perfoliate; spikes terminal, of about 2 close whorls; cor. smooth, tube slender, not gibbous at base, limb somewhat ringent; stam. exserted, smooth. - Shrub scarcely twining, N. Y. to Ga., W. to Wise. Lvs. deciduous, abruptly contracted at base, except the upper perfoliate pair. Fls. in heads of about 10, fragrant. Cor. an inch or more in length, the tube much longer than the lips, bright yellow ; upper lip much broader than the lower, in 4 segm. Mav, Jl.†

9 L. grata Ait. Evergreen Honeysuckle. Lvs. evergreen, obovate, smooth, glaw:ous beneath, the upper pair connate-peribliato; fils. in sessile, terminal and axillary whorls; cor. ringent, tube long, slender, not gibbous at base - Damp woodlands, N. Y., Penn., and W. States. St. climbing many feet. Lvs. opposite or in 3s, margin revolute. Fls. large and very fragrant, 5 or 6 in each whorl Cor. whitish, becoming 3-ellowish within, reddish without. Sta. exserted. Berries red. Jn. †

10 L. Caprifdlium L. Common on Italian Honeysuckle. Lvs. deciduous, the upper pair perfoliatc-connatc: fls. in a single terminal verticil; cor. ringent, lips a third the length of the tube, strongly revolute. - Native of Europe. Greatly admired in cultivation for its beauty and fragrance. Fls. of various hues, red, yellow and white. Ju. - Aug . † 11 L. parvifldra Lam. Lvs. smooth, shining above, glaucous beneath, oblong, all sessile or connate, the upper pair perfoliate ; fls. in hds, of 1 or more approximate whorls; cor. ringent, tube glabrous, short, gibbous at base; fil. bearded.

A small, smooth, shrubby climber, in rocky woods, Can. and U. S. St. 8 to 10f long. Lvs. wavy and revolute on the margin, very glaucous on the underside. Fls. rather small. Cor. 1' in length, yellow, tinged with dull red. gibbous at base, the short limb in curved segments. Sta. and sty. exserted. Berries orange-colored. May, Jn.

. Lvs. large, pubescent beneath, all except the upper pair distinct, the lower petiolate; fls. pubescent. - Ohio (Sullivant) and westward. (L. Douglasii, DC.)

12. L. hirsuta Eaton. Lvs. hairy above, soft-villous beneath, veiny, Iroad-oval, abruptly acuminate, the upper pair connate-perfoliate; fls. in verticiilate spikes; cor. ringent; fil. bearded. - A climber of coarser aspect, in woods N. Eng. to Mich, and Can., twining about trees to the height of 15 to 20f The whole plant is more or less hairy. Lvs. pale green, not shining, the edges and the upper side ciliate with scattered hairs, fls. large, numerous, greenish yellow, in whorled, axillary and terminal clusters. Limb of cor. spreading. Sty. and sta. exserted, Jn. (C. pubescens Goldie.)

5. DIERVIL'LA, Toum. Bush Honeysuckle. (In honor of Dier-ville, a French surgeon, discoverer of the original species.) Calyx tube oblong, limb 5-cleft; corolla twice as long, funnel-shaped, limb 5-cleft and nearly regular; stamens 5; capsular fruit 2-celled (apparently 4-celled from the projecting placentae), many-seeded. - Shrubs, with opposite, serrate, deciduous lvs.

1 D. trifida Mcench. Lvs. ovate, aciuninate, on short petioles; ped. axillary and terminal, 1 to 3-flowered; caps, attenuate above. - A low shrub not uncommon in hedges and thickets, Can. to Car. St. about 2f high, branching. Lvs. 2 to 4' by