. molle. Poison Haw. Soft, rusty, tomentous throughout the stalks, lvs.

and cymes; lvs. rather acute; lis. large. - Term, to Ga. (Misses Keen) and

La. (Hale). (V. molle'Mx.)

7 V. Lentago L. Sweet Viburnum. Lvs. ovate and oval, long-acuminate, acutely and finely uncinate-serrate; petiole with undulate margins. - A common tree-like shrub, in rocky woods, Can. to Ga. and Ky. Height 10 to 15f. Lvs. smooth, conspicuously acuminate, about 8' long and 1/2 as wide, their petioles with a curled or wavy dilated border on each side. Fls. white, in broad, spreading cymes, succeeded by well-flavored, sweetish berries of a glaucous black. Jn.

8 V. prunifolium L. Black Haw. Sloe. Lvs. smooth, shining above, roundish obovale or ovate, rather obtuse, acutely serrulate, with uncinate teeth; petioles slightly and evenly margined; cymes mostly sessile. - In woods and thickets, N. Y. to Ga. A shrub or small tree, 10 to 20f high, with handsome, glossy lvs. and large cymes. Lvs. 2 to 3' long, 1/2 to 2/3 as wide, on short petioles, slightly margined. Cymes terminal. Fls. white, succeeded by oval, blackish berries which are sweet and eatable. Jn.

. ferrugineum. T. &, G. Veins and petiole boneath covered with reddish brown wool; lvs. narrower. - S. W. Ga. and Mid. Fla. Called possum haw, the black drupes being insipid.

9 V. nudum L. Smooth; lvs. oval-oblong, or lance-oval, subrevolute at edge, entire or subcrenulate, not shining, veiny and dotted beneath; petioles not winged; cymes on short stalks. - Shrub or small tree, 10 to 20f high, U. S. Lvs. thick, and when fully grown 3 to 4' long, mostly acute or even short acuminate. Cymes large, on peduncles 1 to 2' in length, naked after losing their caducous bracts. .Fls. white, berries dark blue, covered with bloom, sweetish. Apr. - Jn. - Very variable.

. angustifolium. T. & G. Lvs. oblong-lanceolate, acute or acuminate at each end, margin obscurely repand-denticulate. - South (Pond, etc.) y, cassinoides T. & G. Lvs. oval, obovate or oblong, obtuse, acute or short-acuminate, margin nearly entire, veins not prominent. - North and South (V. cassinoides L.). - Another variety (;5. ovale) has smaller, oval, obtuse, very entire lvs. (South), etc.

10 V. obovatum Walt. Lvs. small, obovate, obtuse, entire or nearly so, subset-site, dotted beneath; cymes small, numerous, sessile. - Shrub 8 to 15f high, swampy river banks, Va. to Ga. Branches straggling, some virgate ones, all covered with A profusion of white cymes about 1 1/2 diam. Lvs. at flowering time 6 to 8" long, finally 10 to 18". Fr. black, shining, sweet. Apr., May.

11 V. Tinua L. Laurestine. Lvs. coriaceous, lance-ovate, entire, their . veins with hairy tufts beneath. - A fine evergreen shrub, from Europe. Height

4 to 5f. Lvs. acute, thick but veiny, dark, shining green above, paler beneath. Fls. white, tinged with red, very showy. Degrees of pubescence variable.

12 V. odoratissiruum Ker. Smooth; lvs. coriaceous, evergreen, elliptic-oblong, remotely repand-dentate; fls. in paniculate cymes, white, very fragrant.- † From China.