2 A. striatum Dick. Shrub, with 5-lobed, long-stalked lvs., the lobes acuminate, dentate; peduncles long, nodding, with a handsome bell-shaped flower, the column exserted. - An elegant green-house shrub, flowering at all seasons. Petals orange-color, with conspicuous purple striae. † Brazil.

8. MALVAVISCUS, Dill. Glue Mallow. (Lat. malva, mallows, vis-cus, glue.) Calyx 5-cleft, subtended by an involucre of many bractlete; petals erect, convolute; styles 10, with capitate stigmas, the inner longer; carpels 5, baccate, 1-seeded, forming a fleshy fruit. - Half shrubby plants, with showy, red flowers.

1 M. Drummondii Torr. & Gr. Tall, minutely tomentous; lvs. roundish, cordate, angularly-3-lobed, crenate; ped. axillary, solitary, shorter than the petioles; lis. erect; bracteoles 8, linear-spatulate. - Texas. Naturalized about N. Orleans (Hale). St. round, branched, 3 to 4f high. Lvs. 3 to 4' diam., the petioles half as long. Fls. bell-shaped, scarlet. Column slender, twice longer than the corolla, †

2 M. Floridana, with leaves ovate-cordate, and fls. pendulous, scarlet, grows in S. Fla. and sometimes in the green-house.

3 M. arborea, with lvs. 3 to 5-lobed, acuminate, serrate, and scarlet fls., from Jamaica, is cultivated often in the green-house; and also, M. mollis, velvety, 3-lobed, sub-entire lvs.

9. PAVONIA, Cav. (The Latin name of the peacock, suggested by the colors.) Calyx 5-sepaled, surrounded at the base with an involucel of 5 - 15 bractlete; petals roundish, obtuse; stigmas 10, linear; carpels 5, capsular, 2-valved, 1-seeded.

P. Lecontii T. & G. Stem shrubby, much branched; lvs. many, small, sagittate-oblong, obtuse, with coarse, obtuse teeth, the lower surface hoary-tomentous, veins prominent; upper surface scabrous; sepals ovate, 3-veined, downy, acumi-minate, as long as the 5 oval, acute bractlets; carpels blunt, rugous, scarcely dehiscent. - Liberty Co., Ga. (Mr. W. Jones). Stem 4 - 5f high. Lvs. 1 1/2 - 2' long, the floral much smaller. Fls. 1 1/2' diam., rose-white, with a deep purple center. (Malva Lecontii Buckley?)

10. KOSTELETZKYA, Presl. (In honor of Kosteletzky, a German botanist.) Calyx, involucel, styles, etc., as in Hibiscus. Fruit a 5-celled, depressed capsule, with a single seed in each cell.

K. Virginica Presl. Lva. acuminate, cordate, ovate, serrate, dentate, upper and lower ones undivided, middle ones 3-lobed; ped. axillary, and in terminal racemes; fls. nodding, pistils declinate. -Malvaceae Mallows Part 3 423 Marshes near the sea, L Isl. to Ga. and La. (Hale). The whole plant scabrous, tomentous, about 3f high. Lvs. 2 to 2 1/2' by 1 1/2', long-pointed, some of them somewhat 3-lobed. Fls 2 1/2' diam., red or rose-color. Column slender, as long as the petals. Caps. hispid, acute-angled. Aug. (Hibiscus Virg, L. and Ed. 2d.)

11. HIBISCUS, L. Calyx 5-cleft, subtended by an involucel of many bractlets, column long with the stamens lateral and the 5 stigmas capitate; fr. a 5-celled capsule, loculicidal, the valves bearing the partitions in the middle; seeds 3 or many in each cell. - Herbs or shrubs. Fls. large and showy.

* Calyx, & c., hispid. Leaves palmately divided........................

Nos. 1, 2

* Calyx, etc., Tomentous. Lvs. undivided, angularly lobed.................

Nos. 3, 4

* Calyx, etc., glabrous. - Leaves deeply lobed or parted..................

Nos. 5, 6

- Leaves undivided. slightly lobed..................

Nos. 7, 8

1 H. aculeatus Walt Retrorsely scabrous; lvs. palmately 3 to 5-lobed, repand-toothed, bractlets of the involucel linear, forked at the end; sep. red-veined, acuminate, very hispid. - Damp soils, S. Car. to Fla. and La. Tall (3 - 5f) and very rough. Lvs. 2 to 3' broad, as long as their stalks. Ped, very short (3 to 4"), jointed at base. Cor. 4 1/2' broad, pale sulphur-yellow, purple in the center. Styles 1/3 longer than the stamens. Jn. - Sept. (H. scabra Mx.)

2 H. Trionum L. Flower of an Hour Bladder Ketmia. Hispid, with scattered hairs; lvs. deeply 3-parted, segm. lanceolate, middle one very long, all sinuate-lobed, lower lvs. angular-lobed; cal. inflated, membranous, veined; bractlets subulate, entire.-Malvaceae Mallows Part 3 424 A beautiful flower, escaped from gardens and barely naturalized, branching, 1 to 2f high. Fls. large, numerous, but soon withering. Petals of a rich, chlorine yellow, the base of a deep brown, † § Italy.

3 H. Moscheutos L. Marsh Hibiscus. Simple, erect, hoary-tomentous; lvs. ovate, obtusely dentate, some of them 3-lobed, nearly smooth above; ped. long, axillary, or confluent with the petiole; caps. smooth; sep. abruptly pointed.-Malvaceae Mallows Part 3 425 A tall, showy plant, in brackish marshes by the sea, or near salt springs, and on wet prairies, U. S. and Can. St. round, downy, 4 to 6f high. Lvs. 4 to 6' by 3 to 4', often with 2 lateral lobes. Fls. larger than those of the hollyhock, rose-colored, purple in the center. Ped. usually distinct from the petiole, often some of them united with it, and jointed above the middle. Sty. 1' longer than the stamens. Aug.

β. flavescens. Fls. larger; pet. (4' long) of a light sulphur yellow, with a purple base. Marshes, Ind. (H. incanus Wendl.)

4 H. grandiflorus Mx. Hoary-tomentous; lvs. cordate, acuminate, repand-den-late, the lower often 3-lobed, hoary beneath, coriaceous; cor. half expanding; sep. gradually pointed; caps. densely clothed with woolly hairs -" Lake shores, N. Orleans" (Hale), to Ga. Stems branched above, 5 to 7 f high. Fls. corymbed, terminal; petals 4 1/2' long, flesh-colored, red at base, column declined, rather shorter than the petals. Jl. - Oct

5 H. militaris Car. Glabrous; lvs. hastately 3-lobed, lobes acuminate, serrate; cor. tubular-campanulate; caps. smooth, ovoid-acuminate. - Mid. and W. States. St 3 to 4f high. Lvs. cordate at base, 4 to 5' long, rendered somewhat hastate by a divaricate lobe each side at base. Petals flesh-color, with a purplish base, 2 to 3' long. Ped. with the joint above the middle. Jl., Aug.

6 H. coccineus Walt. Very smooth; lvs. palmate, 5-parted, lobes lanceolate, acuminate, remotely serrate above; cor. expanding; caps. smooth, ovoid.-Malvaceae Mallows Part 3 426 A splendid flower, native of damp soils, in Ga., etc., and is raised from seeds in gardens, northward. Rt perennial. St. herbaceous, 5 to 9f high. Segm. of lvs. 6' long, very acuminate. Fls. of a bright carmine red. Petals slender at the base, 4 to 5' long. Column still longer, slender and terete. Jl. - Oct. †. (H. specio-sus Ait.)