15 L. spatulata Torr. & Gr. Branched, ascending, downy and not succulent; lvs. oval, tapering to a petiole; fls. very small, apetalous, sessile; caps. pubescent, ovate, somewhat 4-sided, small.-Order LII Onagraceae Onagrads Part 5 681 Middle Fla. Plant near 1f high, diffusely branched from the base. Lvs. and margined petiole about 2' long.

16 L. arcuata Walt. Nearly smooth, creeping; lvs. oblanceolate, tapering to the sessile base; fls. solitary, on a slender axillary peduncle, which is twice longer than the lvs.; petals bright yellow, longer than the lance-linear, spreading sepals: caps. clavate, finally arcuate, as long as the persistent calyx lobes. - Swamps, Va. to Fla., along the coast. Sts. 3 to 10' long. Lvs. 10" long. Fls. 10" broad.

May - Jl. (Isnardia pedunculosa DC.)

8. CIRCAE'A, L. Enchanter's Nightshade. (Circe was supposed to have used these plants in her enchantments.) Calyx slightly produced above the ovary, deciduous, limb 2-parted; petals 2, obeordate; stamens 2, opposite the sepals; capsule obovoid, uncinate-hispid or pubescent, 2-cellcd, 2-seeded; styles united. -Order LII Onagraceae Onagrads Part 5 682 Lvs. opposite.

1 C. Lutetiana L. St. erect, pubescent above; lvs. ovate, subcordate, acuminate, slightly repand-dentate, opaque, longer than the petioles; bracts none; fr. re-flexed, hispid-uncinate. - Damp shades and thickets, Can. to Car. W. to Ill. St 1 to 2f high, sparingly branched, tumid at the nodes. Lvs. dark green, smooth or slightly pubescent, 2 to 4' long, 1/2 as wide; petiole 8 to 15" long. Fls. small, rose color, in long, terminal, axillary racemes. Fr. obcordate, with conspicuous hooks. Jn., Jl.

2 C. alpina L. Smooth; st. ascending at base, weak; lvs. broad-cordate, mem-branous, dentate, as long as the petioles; bracts setaceous; caps. pubescent. -

A small, delicate plant, common in wet, rocky woodlands, in mountainous districts, N. Eng.. Brit. Am., W. to Or. St. diaphanous, juicy, 5 to 10' high. Lvs.

1 to 2' long, 2/3 as wide, acute or acuminate, with small, remote teeth, pale green and shining. Fl's. white, rarely reddish, minute, in terminal racemes. Jl.

9. PROSERPINA'CA, L. Mermaid Weed. (Lat. Proserpina, a Roman goddess; from some fancied resemblance.) Calyx tube adherent to the ovary, 3-sided, limb 3-parted; petals none; stamens 3; stigmas 3; fruit 3-angled, 3-celled, bony, crowned with the permanent calyx.-Order LII Onagraceae Onagrads Part 5 683 Aquatic. Lvs. alternate.

1 P. palustris L. Lvs. linear-lanceolate, sharply serrate above the water, those below (if any) pinnatifid. - Ditches, swamps and ponds, often partly submerged, N. Eng., Fla. and La. Rt. creeping. Sts. ascending at base, 6 to 20' high, striate, roundish. Lvs. 10 to 16" by 2 to 3", acute at each end, lower ones on short petioles and, if growing in water pinnatifid with linear segments. Fls. greenish, sessile, 1 to 3 together, in the axils of the upper leaves, succeeded by a very hard, triangular nut. Jn., Jl.

2 P. pectinacea Lam. Lvs. all pectinate, with linear-subulate segm.; fr. obtusely 3-angled. - Sandy swamps, in Mass. (rare) S. to Fla. St. 5 to 10' high, ascending at base from long, creeping roots. Lvs. all finely and regularly divided into very narrow segments. Sty. 0; stig. attenuate above. Fr. rather smaller (less than 1" diam.) than in P. palustris, rugous when mature. Jl., Aug.

10. MYRIOPHYL'LUM, Vaill. Water Milfoil. (Gr.Order LII Onagraceae Onagrads Part 5 684 innumerable, Order LII Onagraceae Onagrads Part 5 685 leaves.) Flowers Order LII Onagraceae Onagrads Part 5 686 , or frequently Order LII Onagraceae Onagrads Part 5 687 ; calyx 4-toothed in the Order LII Onagraceae Onagrads Part 5 688 and Order LII Onagraceae Onagrads Part 5 689 flowers, 4-parted in the Order LII Onagraceae Onagrads Part 5 690 ; petals 4, often inconspicuous or none; stamens 4 to 8; stigmas 4, pubescent, sessile; fruit of 4, nut-like carpels, cohering by their inner angles. - Order LII Onagraceae Onagrads Part 5 691 submersed, aquatic herbs. Submersed lvs. parted into capillary segments. Upper fls. usually Order LII Onagraceae Onagrads Part 5 692 , middle ones Order LII Onagraceae Onagrads Part 5 693 , lower Order LII Onagraceae Onagrads Part 5 694


Stamens 8. Carpels smooth and even. Leaves whorled in 3s.............................

Nos. 1, 2


Stamens 4. - Carpels ridged on the back. Lvs. whorled in 4s and 5s.....................

Nos. 3, 4

- Carpels smooth and even. Lvs. alternate or wanting......................

Nos. 5, 6

1 M. spicatum L. Lvs. in verticils of 3s, all pinnately parted into capillary segments; fls. in terminal, nearly naked spikes; floral lvs. or bracts, ovate, entire, shorter than the fls., lowest ones subserrate and larger; petals broadly ovate; stam. 8; carp, smooth. - N. Eng. to Ark., in deep water, the fls. only rising above the surface. St. slender, branched, very long. Lvs. composed of innumerable, hair-like segments, always submerged. Fls. greenish, sessile. Jl., Aug.

2 M. verticillatum L. Lvs. in verticils of 3s, lower ones pinnately parted into opposite, capillary or setaceous segments; fls. in terminal, leafy spikes; floral lvs. pectinate-pinnatifid, much longer than the fts.; petals oblong-obovate; stam. 8; carp. smooth. In stagnant water, Can. to Fla., W. to Or. St. long, less slender than in the last, only the upper part emerging. Fls. small, green, axillary, with conspicuous floral lvs. Sep. acute. Anth. oblong. Jl., Aug.

3 M. heterophyllum Mx. Lvs. in verticils of 5s, the lower ones pinnately parted into capillary lobes; spikes terminal, nearly naked; floral lvs. ovate-lanceolate, serrate, longer than the fls., crowded; petals oblong; stain. 4 to 6; carp. scabrous, with 2 slight ridges on the back. - In sluggish water, Can. to Fla. and Tex., rare. St. thick, branching. Lvs. very various, lowest floral ones pecti-nately divided. Petals somewhat persistent. Sepals minute. Bractlets serrulate. Jn. - Sept.