5 L. canescens Lehmann. PUCCOON. Erect, subsimple, softly villous; lvs. oblong or linear-oblong, obtuse, silky-canescent above, villous beneath; fls. axillary ; lube of the cor. thrice as long as the very short calyx.-Order XC Borraginaceae Borrageworts Part 3 1322 Prairies, fields, and dry hills, Can. N. Y. to Ill. and S. States. St. 8 to 12' high, erect, simple, rarely little branched above. Lvs. sessile, 2 to 3" wide and 4 times as long, 1-veined. Fls. crowded near the summit of the stem. Cal. segm. lanceolate, acute, 2" long. Cor. bright orange-yellow, 6" long. Jn., Jl. The root dyes red. (Bats-chia, Mx.)

6 L. hirtum Lehm. Erect, simple, rough-hairy; lvs. sessile, linear-lanceolate, obtuse, ciliate-hirsute both sides, floral ovate-lanceolate; cal. lobes linear, hirsute, half as long as the corolla; cor. segm. spreading, obovate, entire, tube hispid inside at base: ach. ovoid, shining.-Order XC Borraginaceae Borrageworts Part 3 1323 W. and S. States, in dry soils. Sta. 8 to 15' high, clustered. Fls. crowded. Cor. orange-yellow, 7 to 8" long. Cal. segm. enlarged in fruit. Apr.-Jn. (Batschia Carolinensis Gmel.)

7 L. longiflorus Spreng. Erect, strigous with a cinerous pubescence; lower lvs. lance-linear, attenuated to the base, upper ones linear, acutish; rac. leafy, terminal ; cal. segm. linear, much longer than the pedicel; cor. tube 4 times longer than the calyx, lobes crenulate, wavy.-Order XC Borraginaceae Borrageworts Part 3 1324 Wis. to Natchitoches, La. (Hale.) St. 10 to 15' high, slender, branched near the top. Lvs. 2 to 3' long, 2 to 4" wide, the floral scarcely as long as the flowers. Cor. yellow, the tube 9 to 12" long. Fr. much shorter than the calyx, smooth, white. Jl. (Pentalophus, DC.)

10. MERTENSIA, Roth. (Pulmonaria, Tourn.) Smooth Lung-wort. (Named for Prof. F. C. Mertens, of Bremen, Germany.) Calyx short, 5-cleft; cor. tube cylindric, twice longer than the calyx, limb subcampanulate, 5-cleft, throat naked, or oftencr with 5 folds or ridges between the insertion of the stamens; sta. inserted at top of the tube; anth. subsagittate ; ach. smooth or reticulated.-Order XC Borraginaceae Borrageworts Part 3 1325 St. and leaves usu-ally glabrous and pellucid-punctate, the radical many-veined, cauline sessile. Rac. terminal.

1 M. Virginica DC. Erect or ascending, very smooth; radical lvs. large, petio-late, oval, ovate or obovate, cauline sessile, lance-ovate or oblong, all entire, obtuse; cor. tube 3 times longer than the calyx, twice longer than the limb.-Dry, rich soils, N. Y. to S. Car. and Iowa. A plant of rare beauty, 12 to 18' high. Lvs. 2 to 6' long, the cauline feather-veined. Fls. numerous, nodding, somewhat trumpet-shaped, 10" long, varying through every shade of blue and lilac even on the same plant. May. (Lithospermum pulchrum Lehm.)

2 M. maritima Don. Glabrous, procumbent or ascending; lvs. ovate, obtuse, fleshy, glaucous, the radical petiolate, cauline sessile; rac. leafy; cal. deeply cleft, scarcely half as long as the glabrous, 5-cleft corolla.-Sea shore, N. Eng., rare, Can. and northward. St. diffusely branched. Fls. purplish blue, limb longer than the tube, which exhibits 5 folds at its summit. Jl.

3 M. paniculata Don. Scabrous with minute hairs, erect; radical lvs. petiolate, ovate, cordate, cauline ovate-oblong, sessile, all acuminate and veined; cal. hispid, thrice shorter than the subcampanulate corolla.-Shores of the great Lakes, from Superior to Bear L., also in gardens. An elegaut plant, with fls. varying from bright blue to white, paniculate, nodding.

11. MYOSO'TIS, Dill. Forget-me-not. (Gr.Order XC Borraginaceae Borrageworts Part 3 1326 a mouse, and

Order XC Borraginaceae Borrageworts Part 3 1327 an ear; from the form of the leaves.) Calyx 5-cleft; corolla salver-form or funnel-form, tube about equaling the calyx, the 5 lobes convolute in bud, orifice closed with short, concave scales; achc-nia ovate, smooth, with a small cavity at base.-Herbs, slightly villous. Rac. at length elongated, bractless, or with a few, small lvs. at the base. Fls. never axillary.

§ Racemes one-sided. Calyx elothed with minute, appreased hairs. if any...

No. 1

§ Racemes two-sided. Calyx beset with spreading, minutely-hooked bristles........

Nos. 2, 3

1 M. palustris Roth.β . LAXA (Fig. 220). Minutely strigous or smoothish, somewhat branched, erect; lvs. linear-oblong, obtuse, with short, scattered hairs; rac. without bracts; pedicels divaricate in fruit, twice as long as the short, spreading, smoothish, equal calyx.-Order XC Borraginaceae Borrageworts Part 3 1328 Ditches and marshes, Can. and U. S., very slender, about a foot high. Lvs. scattered, sessile, about 1' by 2 or 3". Rac. terminal, or often one of them supra-axillary, one-sided. Fls. 2 to 3" broad, blue, with a yellow center. Ped. 3 to 6" long. May-Aug. (M. caespitosa Sehultz.)

2 M. arvensis L. Hirsute with tubercular hairs, branching: lvs. oblong-lanceo-late, acute; pedicels spreading in fruit, twice as long as the open, equal calyx, in loose racemes, which are not at all leafy among the flowers at their lase.-Order XC Borraginaceae Borrageworts Part 3 1329 Fields, etc. Sts. 6 to 15' high. Lvs. 1' and less in length. Fls. 2 to 3" broad, white? Jl., Aug. Wo describe from English specimens, having seen none native. (M. intermedia, Link.)

3 M. stricta Link. Roughly hirsute with spreading, mostly tubereled hairs; lvs. oblong, or the lower spatulate-oblong, obtuse or acute, pedicels ascending, as long as the closed, uncinate-bristly, unequal calyx, in 'racemes which are leafy at base.-Order XC Borraginaceae Borrageworts Part 3 1330 Dry fields and hills, Conn., N. Y., to Wis., La. and Ala. Plant varying greatly in aspect at different stages of growth, yet always recognized by its calyx, which is decidedly bilabiate, the lower lip of 2 longer teeth. Plant 6 to 16' high, grayish. Lvs. 1' long, or in larger specimens 2'. Fls. very small (1" broad), white. May-Jl. (M. verna Nutt. M. arvensis Torr.)