20. C. Pahlunensis, (Linn.) Schaer.

Arctic America. (Richardson.) Newfoundland. (Despreaux.) On rocks, Tadousac, and on Owl's Head, Lake Memphremagog, Que. (A. T. Drummond.) Clearwater Lake, Labrador, July 12th, 1896. (A. P. Low.) On rocks, Bald Mountain, Tobique, N. B. (Geo. U. Hay.) On rocks, summit of Mount Albert, Gaspé Co., Que.; on rocks, Câche Lake, Algonquin Park, Ont., July, 1900; on rocks above Michipicoten, northeast shore of Lake Superior; summit of Mount Benson, near Nanaimo, Vancouver Island. (Macoun.)

21. C. commjxta, (Nyl.) Th. Fr.

On St. Paul Island, Behring Sea, June 28th, 1897. (J. M. Macoun.)

22. C. ciliaris, (Ach.) Tuckerm.

Quite common on fence-rails, branches of spruce, tamarac and balsam trees, and occasionally on tree-trunks.

On birch trees, Canaan Forks, N.B. (J. Moser.) On trees at Salt Lake, Anticosti; on tamarac in a swamp, Brackley Point, Prince Edward Island; at Baddeck, Louisburg, Big Intervale and Half-Way Brook, Cape Breton Island, N.S.; on birch trees, Ste. Anne des Monts, Gaspé Co., Que.; common on fence-rails, stumps and trees at Ottawa, Belleville, Brighton and Peterboro,

Ont.; on branches of trees in swamps, Algonquin Park, Ont., July, 1900; near Sudbury Junction and along the north shore of Lake Superior; Lake Nipigon and westward to the Porcupine Mountains, Man. (Macoun.)

23 C. platyphylla, Tuckerm.

Not uncommon on trees at Victoria, and on Mount Benson, Vancouver Island. (Macoun.)

24. c. saepincola, (Ehrh.) Ach.

On trees, twigs and dead wood.

Arctic America. (Richardson.) Hudson Bay. (Herb. Banks.) On bark of Betula at Clearwater Lake, Labrador, 1896. (A.P.Low.) Greenland. (Arct. Man.) On twigs in the Mer Bleue, near Ottawa, Ont.; on Betula pumila, Lake Nipigon, Ont.; on twigs and bark of Douglas fir, Deer Park, Lower Arrow Lake, Columbia River, and on Latix occidentalis at "Sky Line" Mine, Hot Springs, Kootaney Lake, B.C.; at McLeod's Lake, B.C., Lat. 550; on trees, Burnside Road, Victoria, Vancouver Island. (Macoun.) Northwest Coast. (Menzies.)

Var. chlorophylla, Wahl.

L'Anse au Clair Bay, Labrador. (Waghorne.) On dead spruce trees, Jumping Pound Creek, Rocky Mountains, 1897; on dead trunks, Telegraph Trail, west of Quesnel, B.C., 1875; on old fences at Burrard Inlet, B.C., 1889. (Macoun.) On trees on Thurlow Island, Gulf of Georgia, B.C., 1885. (Dr. G. M. Dawson.)

25. C. lacunosa, Ach.

On trees and fence-rails, not rare.

On trees, Bald Mountain, Tobique River, N.B., 1884. (G. U. Hay.) On trees, Canaan Forks, Queen's Co., N.B., 1889. (J.Moser.) On trees, Jupiter River, Anticosti, 1883; on old fence-rails at Buckingham, Que., 1896; on fence-rails at Belleville, Ont., 1868; on trees, Nipigon River, Lake Superior, 1884; abundant on trees, Algonquin Park, Ont., June, 1900; on trees, Johnstone Harbour, Bruce Peninsula, Ont., Aug., 1901; on trees at Hastings, Burrard Inlet, B.C., 1889. (Macoun.) On dead cedars, Alert Bay, Vancouver Island, and on Thurlow Island, Gulf of Georgia, B.C., 1885. (Lr, G. M. Dawson.) On St. George, St. Paul and Una-laska islands, Behring Sea, 1897. (J. M. Macoun)

26. C. glauca, (Linn.) Ach.

On trees and rocks.

Newfoundland. (Despreaux.) White Bear River, Sandwich Bay, Newfoundland. (Waghorne.) On trees at Truro, N.S., 1883; on rocks at Louisburg; and on trees at Baddeck, Big Intervale and at Half-Way Brook, Cape Breton Island, N.S., 1898; on birch trees, Skickshock Mountains, Gaspé Co., Que., 1882; on trees, Ste. Anne des Monts River, Que., 1882; on trees along the Nipigon River, Lake Superior, Ont, 1884; on spruce trees, Jumping Pound Creek, and Devil's Lake, Rocky Mountains; on trees at Deer Park, Arrow Lake, Columbia River; Câche Creek, Revel-stoke and Clinton, B.C.; on trees and rocks at Victoria, Nanaimo and Comox, Vancouver Island. (Macoun.) Chilliwack Valley, B.C., 1901. (J. M. Macoun.) On trees at Alert Bay, Vancouver Island. (Dr. G.M. Dawson) On trees at Sitka, Alaska. (J. M. Macoun.)

Var. stenofhylla, Tuckerm.

On old logs, Burnside Road near Victoria; on trees at Quali-cum and Nanaimo, Vancouver Island. (Macoun.) On trees Thurlow Island, Gulf of Georgia. (Dr. G. M. Dawson.) On the Sumas Prairie, B.C., 1859. (Dr. Lyall.)

27. C. chiysantha, Tuckerm.

On rocks, Kotzebue Sound. (Tuckerman.) On islands of Behring Strait. (Wright.)

28. C. Oakesiana, Tuckerm.

On trees and pine stumps in woods.

On the north shore of Lake Superior. (Agassiz) On Rigaud Mountain, Vaudreuil Co., Que. (Rev. G. Ducharme.) On bark of trees, North Bay, Lake Nipissing, 1884; on a pine stump in Rockcliffe Park, Ottawa, and at Stittsville, Carleton Co., Ont.; on a pine log, King's Mountain, Chelsea, Que.; abundant on the bases of hemlock and pine trees, Algonquin Park, Ont., June, 1900. (Macoun.)

29. C. aurescens, Tuckerm.

On spruce trees, North Bay, Lake Nipissing, Ont. Determined by Tuckerman. (Macoun) On Middleton Island, Alaska, June 15th, 1892. (/. M. Ma coun)

30. C - juniperina, (Linn.) Ach.

On trees, especially conifers.

Greenland. (Arct. Man.) On bark of Douglas fir, Deer Park, Lower Arrow Lake, Columbia River, B.C.; on spruce trees, Nachaco River, northern British Columbia; Mount Erskine, Salt Spring Island, Gulf of Georgia, B.C. (Macoun)

Var. terrestris, Schaer.

On earth in alpine districts.

Arctic America. (Herb. Hooker) On the summit of Mount Albert, alt. 4,000 feet, Gaspé Co., Que., 1882; abundant in the Rocky Mountains in the Bow River Pass, at Banff, at Kananaskis and Hector,on Moose Mountain and in the Crow's Nest Pass (Macoun)

Var. Pinastri, Ach.

On trees, shrubs and rocks in sub-alpine or cool districts.

Arctic America. (Richardson) Newfoundland. (Waghorne) On spruce bark, Canaan Forks, Queen's Co., N.B. (/. Moser) On bark, Bald Mountain, Tobique River, N.B. (G. U. Hay) On rocks, Tadousac, Que. (A. T. Drummond) On Rigaud Mountain, Vandreuil Co., Que. (Rev. G.Ducharme.) On shrubs, Gunn River, Anticosti; on stumps and old fence-rails at Big Intervale, Mar-garee, Cape Breton Island, N.S., July, 1898; on old rails, Port Daniel, Bonaventure Co., Que.; rather rare on rocks, Algonquin Park, Ont., July 21st, 1900; on boulders in woods, mouth of Nipi-gon River and along the shore of Lake Superior; on dead sticks at Jumping Pound Creek and Bragg's Creek, foothills of Rocky Mountains, June 13th, 1897; at Donald, Columbia Valley, B.C.; near McLeod's Lake, northern British Columbia. (Macoun) On twigs of shrubs, Lat. 62o 03', Long. 103o 15', W. (J. W. Tyrrell)